Acer Halo Swing: New speaker with Google Assistant and DTS sound

Acer Halo Swing
Acer Halo Swing

Since CES 2023, news of technological interest and some quite interesting ones continue to arrive. One of them comes from ACER, and it has to do with its new catalogue, in which ACER Halo Swing Smart Speaker stands out . The Halo Swing has the particularity that in addition to being compatible with Google Assistant , it can be used both at home and outside of it. This gives this device a uniqueness that will make it appealing to the most demanding users.

This new speaker from Acer, in addition to its multifunctionality already described, has other features that attract a lot of attention. For example, its design shows a compact assembly in black with a spectacular interactive LED screen. Additionally, it has a system of RGB LED lights that are activated according to the music that is played.

Likewise, it is remarkable in the Halo Swing that also works as an LED lamp, emitting at the same time a pleasant and warm light that changes heat according to use.

ACER Halo Swing is also compatible with Google Home

Other advantages of the device is that it is also compatible with Google Home and the Acer Halo Swing App . Thanks to this addition it is possible to connect it with other equipment and create reproduction groups at will of the user. This compatibility also allows to know details of the songs and to make certain adjustments corresponding to the volume, alarms and voice commands.

The Halo Swing also has other functions related to reminders incorporated into the LED lighting system . Here we find notices related to emails, pending messages, and even dates. All of the above and other features use the Wi-Fi 6 connection that comes with the device, which together with the Bluetooth 5.2 link make the device a good choice.

Returning to the subject of use in open spaces, it is pertinent to note that the Halo Swing is IPX5 certified, which makes it invulnerable to uncomfortable splashes of water. As if that were not enough, the sound system also works with DTS , which makes it possible to combine several Halos to magnify the experience.