Audio-GD DI-24 - digital interface
Audio-GD DI-24 - digital interface
Audio-GD DI-24 - digital interface

Audio-GD launches new DI-24 digital interface

The Audio-GD DI-24 digital interface is based on an Amanero Combo 384 USB module coupled to a pair of Accusilicon 90/98 MHz clock generators.

The circuit is designed to offer multiple options for using the clock generators: interacting with the internal clock generators, using external clock generators (slave mode), or offloading the internal clock generators to a third-party device (master mode). This type of circuit allows it to be integrated into high-tech audio systems.

Audio-GD DI-24

The Altera FGPA logic circuit is responsible for generating the output signal.

This high-frequency IC is isolated from the USB interface to avoid spurious noise, both in terms of signal conversion and clock accuracy.

Audio-GD DI-24: new features

  • Built-in 10 MHz clock generator. FPGA reduces jitter and phase noise. The 50Ω and 75Ω clock outputs allow you to work as an external oscillator, supplying a 10 MHz signal to the DAC. The clock outputs can be switched between internal and external clock using the front panel buttons.
  • Built-in isolator. USB and 10 MHz clock input isolation.
  • All output circuits are powered by Class A power supplies for best analog signal handling. The USB interface, FPGA and clock are powered by 4 groups of DC power supplies and 5 groups of ultra-fast linear power supplies.

Audio-GD DI-24

Audio-GD DI-24: Other Features

  • Built-in regenerative power supply designed using Class A power supplies and Class A balanced amplifiers.
  • Amanero USB interface provides excellent compatibility and stability. It is compatible with Windows, OSX, iOS and Linux systems, and has also been tested with select Android TVs and smartphones.
  • I2S HDMI output supports PCM and DSD formats. The sampling rate is displayed on the front panel.
  • R-Core transformer and 13 groups of power supplies for independent power supply of various circuits.
  • The USB interface and FPGA processor use the same clock to avoid affecting sound quality.
  • The data processing mode in FPGA can be parallel or serial.
  • The display can display PCM and DSD sample rates and can be used to view and select parameters.
  • Built-in USB firmware update button and FPGA firmware update connector.

Characteristics of Audio-GD DI-24:

  • Product type: digital interface
  • Inputs: 1x USB-B/1x 10 MHz BNC 50 Ohm sync input (0.3Vpp – 3Vpp)/1x 10 MHz 75 Ohm BNC sync input (0.3Vpp – 3Vpp)
  • Outputs: 1x I2S HDMI LVDS 3.3V @ 100 Ohms / 1x Coaxial 0.5Vp-p @ 75 Ohms / 1x AES/EBU 5Vp-p @ 110 Ohms / 1x Sync Output 10MHz BNC, > 9dBm @ 50 Ohms.
  • USB Compatibility: Windows/OSX/Linux/ISO
  • Supported sampling rates: USB / I2S : PCM up to 32bit 384 kHz, DSD up to DSD512/AES/EBU / SPDIF : PCM up to 384 kHz
  • Supply voltage: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 17 W
  • Dimensions: 360 x 240 x 85 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Black color