Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2
Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2
Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2

Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2: Strobe light for optimal turntable speed

An optimal sound experience requires precise turntable settings, especially when it comes to the motor speed. The Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2 strobe light is the key to accurate speed adjustments, regardless of the country’s power grid frequency. In this improved version, Clearaudio presents an upgrade for ultimate precision and ease of use.

The Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2 brings some new functions compared to the previous model V1. For example, longer operating time, white LED, an aluminum housing or a micro USB port.

Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2
Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2

White LED for better visibility

Switching from the blue LED to the white LED improves the visibility of the lines that indicate speed on the strobe disc. This enables more precise adjustment of the speed. And you can make fine adjustments to the analog setup.

Longer operating time with new battery

Switching to the lithium button cell (CR2023) not only enables a longer operating time. But it also ensures a constant supply of energy for reliable performance.

New micro-USB connection for battery-independent operation

The implementation of a micro-USB connection offers the possibility of battery-independent operation .

Aluminum casing

The housing, milled from solid material and made from anodized aluminum , replaces the previous plastic. It not only improves durability but also adds an aesthetically pleasing element.

Compatible with the strobe test record

The new stroboscope light is perfectly tailored for use with the stroboscope test record.

The Speed ​​Light V2 is also available together with the strobe test plate.

Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2: Prices and availability

The Clearaudio Speed ​​Light V2 is now available from specialist retailers. The price is $150. The Speed ​​Light V2 together with the stroboscope test plate costs $190.