LHY Audio launches SW-10 network switch with 8 RJ45 Ethernet ports

LHY Audio SW-10
LHY Audio SW-10

LHY Audio offers the SW-10 network switch . This switch has 8 RJ45 Ethernet ports, 2 SFP fiber ports, and an input and output connected to a 10MHz OCXO clock. All of this is housed in a sleek, solid anodized aluminum housing designed to separate AC power handling, DC power handling, and audio signal processing.

LHY Audio SW-10

To power the SW-10, two Talema 15VA sealed transformers are used, connected to an RFI filter. After conversion, the current passes through a multi-stage low-dropout voltage regulator and voltage rectifier to ensure the cleanest power possible.

LHY Audio SW-10

In terms of signal processing, the design of LHY Audio’s SW-10 Gigabit switch is based on Cisco’s professional series. This network switch offers 8 RJ45 Ethernet ports and 2 SFP optical fiber ports. In addition, the SW-10 is based on a 10 MHz OCXO clock connected to BNC input and output. So you can use this network switch as a master clock to synchronize other external sources or simply resynchronize the input signal. The input signal can be configured as 50 ohm sine or square wave, and the output can be configured as 50 ohm or 75 ohm square wave only. Finally, the clock signal OCXO is connected to the phase shifter PLL.

LHY Audio SW-10

Characteristics of LHY Audio SW-10:

  • Product Type: Fiber Optic Ethernet Network Switch
  • Interface: 8x RJ45 ethernet port /2x fiber optic SFP connector/1x BNC input for 10MHz clock (50Ω input impedance)/1x BNC output for 10MHz clock (50Ω/75Ω output impedance)
  • Network technology: 1000Base-T/1000Base-X
  • Power: 220V – 240V AC
  • Dimensions: 307 x 60 x 257 mm
  • Weight: 3.95 kg
  • Black color


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