30 TB hard drive from Seagate is the largest yet
30 TB hard drive from Seagate is the largest yet
30 TB hard drive from Seagate is the largest yet

Seagate’s new 30 TB hard drive is the largest capacity ever!

Seagate introduced a hard drive, breaking the record for the largest hard drive in history. Exos X Mozaic 3+ offers a whopping 30TB of storage!

Perhaps someone will remember Chinese disks with a capacity of 30 TB in 2022. However, this is a fake. When users took them apart, they found either SD cards or flash drives that were glued to each other, as well as software that simulated the amount of memory available. In contrast, the new Seagate Exos X Mosaic 3+ uses 10 3TB platters, offering a true 30TB of storage.

Seagate plans to sell the new 30TB drive to enterprise customers, which makes sense given its massive capacity. However, according to TechRadar, it will also be available to ordinary consumers.

The previous winner in the largest drive category was Western Digital Gold with a 24 TB drive. WD said it’s working on a 28TB capacity but hasn’t released anything yet. Toshiba promises 50TB drives, although it hasn’t gone beyond 22TB yet.

Seagate says the 30TB Exos X Mozaic 3+ will offer a lower price per terabyte than any existing models. Seagate’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer explained that the drives use “a number of proprietary innovative technologies that enable more capacity to be packed onto a platter.”

This new drive “includes Seagate’s unique HAMR implementation, delivering high-capacity data storage at unprecedented storage densities of 3TB per drive and beyond,” Seagate explains. The company says this drive format will allow data centers to double storage capacity without increasing footprint and will reduce power consumption by 40% per terabyte. Seagate also plans to offer even higher capacity models using HAMR or SMR for larger customers.

The Exos X Mozaic 3+ is already on Seagate’s website, but only with a “Talk to an Expert” button and no pricing or availability information.

Price: $450