Panasonic Z95A and Z93A are the flagship OLED TVs of 2024
Panasonic Z95A and Z93A are the flagship OLED TVs of 2024
Panasonic Z95A and Z93A are the flagship OLED TVs of 2024

Panasonic Z95A and Z93A are the definite flagship TVs of 2024

One of the highlights of CES every year is Panasonic’s unveiling of its latest flagship OLED TV. These kits always have the most modern equipment. As we recall, Panasonic produced advanced heatsinks at a time when other brands were using models with reduced brightness.

The 2024 Panasonic TX-65Z95A, TX-55Z95A and Panasonic TX-77Z93A flagship TVs feature the latest software, Hollywood tuning, true Dolby Atmos multi-channel audio , plus MLA technology and a signature heatsink. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these new models.

Panasonic TX-65Z95A, TX-55Z95A and TX-77Z93A TVs

Master OLED Ultimate

This time around, there’s an unexpected twist to the formula in the form of a move from the company’s usual My Home Screen smart interface to Fire TV. Before we dive into Fire TV, though, we’ll first look at what AV TV fans are most excited about about the Z95A and Z93A TVs. Of course, this is the image quality. The biggest news is that the 65- and 55-inch models included in the Z95A lineup feature the new Master OLED Ultimate panel.

This panel combines the latest Micro Lens Array WRGB OLED panels with a multi-layer thermal management configuration. Most importantly, Master OLED Ultimate was developed by Panasonic’s own engineers. The Panasonic Z93A series actually consists of only one 77-inch model and does not have Master OLED Ultimate technology.

It seems a shame that Panasonic hasn’t expanded its use of MLA technology to a 77-inch screen in 2024. Moreover, this technology is now available in other models up to 83-inch screen. But in 2023, Panasonic said it did not include MLA in its 77-inch flagship TVs.

HCX Pro AI Processor MK II

The company couldn’t do it at a price that would interest consumers in sufficient quantities. Apparently the same argument applies to 2024. However, both new lines feature Panasonic’s new chipset and the latest, improved version of Panasonic’s HCX Pro AI processor, cleverly named HCX Pro AI Processor MK II.

A key part of this new processor is the updated 4K Remaster Engine, which combines artificial intelligence and “mathematical models” to deliver sharper, quieter and more natural quality streaming images. The new processor is also said to improve color gradation, eliminating banding in HDR footage.


HCX Pro AI Processor MK II

Dolby Vision IQ Precision

Both new models support the Dolby Vision IQ Precision engine. This is a step up from the original Dolby Vision IQ feature , which adjusts the picture based on the ambient light level in the room. The technology also adjusts light levels individually for different areas of the image to bring out more detail without increasing overall brightness.

Hollywood settings

As you’d expect from Panasonic’s premium OLED TVs, the Z95A and Z93A still support the color adjustment feature developed by Stefan Sonnenfeld, founder and CEO of renowned color grading studio Company Z. The idea is that when you watch a movie on the Z95A or Z93A, its appearance will closely match the look its creators intended when working on it in the mastering studio.

Game Mode

There is good news for gamers too. Panasonic Z95A and Z93A OLED TVs support 144Hz gaming refresh rates for the first time. The TVs also have support for variable refresh rates up to 144Hz via HDMI 2.1 ports. What’s really impressive is that 144Hz is supported even in games with Dolby Vision.

Panasonic says the new TVs will also support the ultra-low input lag we’ve seen in the last few flagship OLED generations. Additionally, for gaming sources, they offer a True Game picture preset with optimized settings for color accuracy, white balance, and grayscale.

Gamers can also select the “Disable Tone Mapping” setting if they want to optimize the HDR settings on their non-TV gaming source. You can then apply your own tone mapping on top of the already optimized settings.

Game support even extends to the Z95A and Z93A audio. RPG and FPS audio modes are specifically optimized for the different playstyles and environments associated with these two types of games.

These gaming sound modes will be delivered using the latest advanced multi-directional sound system with Dolby Atmos support. This system was developed in collaboration with audio brand Technics 360 Soundscape Pro. This is what we are accustomed to associate with Panasonic’s flagship OLED displays.


Panasonic TX-65Z95A, TX-55Z95A and TX-77Z93A TVs

Fire TV

When it comes to the built-in Fire TV system in the Z95A and Z93A, switching to such a well-known third-party smart system makes sense from a content access and user interface perspective. That is, there is no longer a need to create applications for Panasonic’s own platform, and then harmonize them.

The move to Fire TV allows the Z95A and Z93A to become the first Panasonic TVs with built-in support for far-field voice control with Alexa, and also allows the TVs to take advantage of the Fire TV Ambient Experience. With this technology, you can display works of art or your own digital photos on your screen when you’re not watching TV.

Smart home functions

The Fire TV operating system is also fully compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. This means that these models have a smart home control panel that allows users to monitor and control their connected home ecosystem. There is also support for Apple Home and Airplay 2 .

So you can control your TV with Siri and stream content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. While the Z95A and Z93A are now entirely Fire TV-focused, Panasonic has retained some of the most useful features of its own OS. For example, Penta Tuner is still around, supporting Internet (IPTV) and home network (TV>IP) reception.

The latter feature allows you to place TVs regardless of the location of the antenna socket and view programs in each room without the need for an additional connection to the TV. The two new TV series also continue to feature a MyApp button on the remote control.

MyApp can be programmed to directly launch your favorite app, channel, or even your favorite voice command. Panasonic has yet to confirm the official launch date and prices for its 2024 flagship OLED TVs. As more information becomes available, we will write full reviews for each of these series.