2024 TCL TV lineup
2024 TCL TV lineup

TCL TV lineup 2024 unveiled

At CES today, TCL unveiled its entire 2024 TV lineup, including new Q and S models, as well as its largest and most premium model ever. This new flagship is the 115-inch 115QM89, which TCL claims is the world’s largest quantum dot mini LED TV with 5,000 nits of brightness. In this article, we’ll look at what else has been added new to TCL TVs for the 2024 model year.

2024 TCL TVs

TCL 115QM89

Apparently, this TCL 115QM89 will have 20,000 individual local dimming zones for its mini LED array, driven by an advanced version of TCL’s AIPQ processor, which is not only capable of managing that many dimming zones, but also optimizing the image.

It is claimed that the 115QM89 with this set of characteristics is capable of providing a brightness of 5000 nits. Additionally, it supports variable refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium certification. As you’d expect from such a premium model, it features a 120Hz panel. In fact, it is capable of delivering a 240Hz effect using TCL’s Game Accelerator feature.


This TV also has an anti-glare screen, a claimed coverage of 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, Dolby Vision IQ HDR support, HDR10+ support and advanced IMAX certification. TCL’s 115QM89 also soundtracks its huge images with a built-in 6.2.2-channel speaker system that supports Dolby Atmos .


A step below the flagship 115QM89 is the QM8 line. In fact, TVs in this series retain many of the features found in the QM89, including a claimed 5,000 nits of brightness. The main difference is that they “only” control up to 5000+ dimming zones.

However, this is more than twice as many zones as TCL’s previous flagship models. TCL QM8 TVs have a built-in speaker system with 2.1.2 channel sound, and the color gamut is reduced to 97% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The QM8 series will be available in sizes from 65 to 98 inches.


Another step down in TCL’s 2024 TV lineup brings the new QM7 series. In these TVs, the speaker capabilities are reduced to 2.1 channels. Peak brightness tops out at 2,400 nits. TCL QM7 TVs will have 1500 (or so) local dimming zones.


This is all very impressive for a line that is likely to come at fairly aggressive prices. Although TCL has not yet made an announcement on the prices of its models. TCL’s QM7 TVs will still retain 120Hz panels with a 240Hz Game Accelerator feature.

These models will also have advanced IMAX certification, a TCL AIPQ Pro processor, Mini LED technology , coverage of the declared 95% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and AMD FreeSync Premium certification. TCL QM7 TVs will be available with screen sizes from 65 to 85 inches. The stands of these TVs will be height adjustable.

TCL Q6 and Q6-Pro

Rounding out the 2024 Q-class TV lineup equipped with quantum dots are the Q6 and Q6-Pro series. These are 60Hz models. Although they do use a 120Hz version of TCL’s Game Accelerator technology. These non-QM-designated models lose the mini-LED lighting and revert to standard-sized LEDs.

Q6-Pro models will drive these LEDs using a Full Array local dimming system , which is said to deliver 33% more brightness than previous TCL generations of the same level. These models will also reach a peak brightness of 600 nits.


The Q6-Pro will offer “convenience features” over the Q6, such as hands-free voice control, a backlit remote control, and width-adjustable legs on larger screens to fit on relatively narrow pieces of furniture.

The Q6-Pro series will be available in screen sizes from 50 to 85 inches. At the same time, the 85-inch TV will actually have a built-in panel with a frequency of 120 Hz and a Game Accelerator of 240 Hz. The Q6 series will have universal backlighting without local dimming. However, the new High Brightness Plus LED backlighting system still delivers 28% more brightness than previous equivalent TCL models.

Even these relatively affordable Q-Class models still get a 120Hz Game Accelerator with VRR support. At the same time, models with a screen of 85 inches and larger again receive built-in panels with a frequency of 120 Hz and support for Game Accelerator 240 Hz. TVs of the Q6 series will be available with screen diagonals from 43 to 98 inches.


Complementing TCL S-Class TVs in 2024 will be the S5 series. These TVs are equipped with high-brightness LED backlighting, capable of delivering 25% more brightness and improved color reproduction than other S-Class models. TCL S5 TVs also mark the first time that the S-Class series is equipped with a TCL AIPQ processor.


The latest version of this processor includes a new AI Super Resolution feature for better upscaling and clearer images in native 4K resolution. The S5 series also aims to get more mileage out of HDR sources than many affordable TVs.

This is thanks to the inclusion of TCL’s HDR Pro+ system, which includes support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ HDR formats with their additional dynamic range and accuracy improvements. In terms of audio, the S5 series adds new Enhanced Dialog modes and TV as the center channel.

The latter of which allows the TV’s speakers to become the center channel with a TCL soundbar system. Another innovation of TCL’s S Series is connectivity that supports custom installation. The S5’s design follows TCL’s new commitment to providing complete 360-degree rotation concepts to make images look good from any angle. The S5 series will be available with screen diagonals from 43 to 85 inches.

TCL TV Models 2024

TCL 115QM89



TCL 85Q6-Pro
TCL 75Q6-Pro
TCL 65Q6-Pro
TCL 55Q6-Pro
TCL 50Q6-Pro

TCL 98Q6
TCL 85Q6
TCL 75Q6
TCL 65Q6
TCL 55Q6
TCL 50Q6
TCL 43Q6

TCL 85S5
TCL 75S5
TCL 65S5
TCL 55S5
TCL 50S5
TCL 43S5