ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W: Your professional laptop

The ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W laptop  boasts the necessary power that improves performance and raises system speed to extreme heights. It has the attractive claim of a wonderful...

The ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W laptop  boasts the necessary power that improves performance and raises system speed to extreme heights. It has the attractive claim of a wonderful screen , just like the ASUS VivoBook OLED 13 Slate OLED T3300KA-LQ110W , although that’s the tip of the iceberg for a machine with arguments for professional use . Configured to provide fantastic hours of  entertainment , increase productivity , and even unleash creativity , the ASUS Vivobook F1503ZA-MA188WIt comes loaded with features to cover an infinite number of uses. Get to know him through our review.

Design and construction of the ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W

The Asus VivoBook  range has references adjusted to the budget level and interests of each user. In models for professionals and casual creators we have, for example, the F1503ZA-MA188W model that is the object of our review .

Stylish and functional

The Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W , without being a revolutionary device at the design level, has a differential touch that makes it stand out among the wide range of offers on the market. Its elegant appearance does not hide the solidity of a modern team capable of giving a good boost to the obligations of each day. This product has a weight of only 1.7 kg and a thickness of 19.9 mm . The beauty of its shapes is enhanced with a Transparent Silver color tone .

ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W

Portable full of possibilities for professional use

ASUS Vivobook F1503ZA-MA188W screen

We have advanced that the manufacturer uses a high-quality screen to seduce users. And we are not exaggerating one iota, because this Vivobook has a spectacular OLED panel . The display reaches a resolution of 2,880 x 2,620 pixels , which is a magnificent definition for its 15.6-inch diagonal . But it is that the 2.8K images also boast cinematographic quality with ultra-vivid colors in the  DCI-P3 range ; a wonderful intensity for the brightness of 600 nits ; and 120 Hz refresh rate .

ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W

Spectacular cinema-quality OLED panel

Technical details of the ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W

The Vivobook F1503ZA-MA188W bases its great performance on a powerful and modern Intel processor . This laptop shelters in its bowels a 12th generation CPU designed to transform the user’s work and leisure experience. Asus assembles the impressive Core i7 12700H , with no less than 14 cores . These are divided between 6 for performance , with frequencies up to 4.7 GHz , and 8 for efficiency that reach 3.5 GHz . Achieve intelligent optimization of workloads, so that background tasks don’t drag down the performance of more powerful cores.

Intel Core i7-12700H

An advanced 12th generation processor that enhances work and play sessions

This is a product for everyday demands and casual creativity . For this reason, it has been decided to take advantage of the integrated Intel Iris Xᵉ graphics that the processor includes. Its technology allows it to deal with the most popular applications without drama, with a performance well adapted to the current level. In addition, the fluidity of the system is guaranteed with a perfect memory configuration, having the maximum supported in this model: 16 GB of DDR4 RAM , on board.

Storage, operating system and battery

Speed ​​is one of the hallmarks of the Vivobook series laptops . That comes with the benefit of fast data access and near-instantaneous loading of programs. Responsibility for this is the great storage solution in the form of a 512 GB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SDD drive . The drive houses, out of the box, the most recent version of Microsoft ‘s operating system : Windows 11 Home . Therefore, after unpacking the product, we will have it running in no time thanks to the pre-installation of that software .

In addition, Asus boasts of the autonomy of the device, since it has equipped it with a generous 3-cell 70 Wh lithium-ion battery . The laptop takes advantage of its energy with the company’s intelligent performance technology ( exclusive algorithms , sensors and more details), so that it adjusts consumption to the demands of use so as not to waste any battery.


It is time to conclude this article, and we stop at the final part giving a review of the communication options and connectors of the equipment. The manufacturer complies well so that the user has enough ways to take advantage of its qualities. That’s a fair number of ports, almost all of them quite modern. The best of the versatile proposal is a USB 3.2 type C , compatible with power delivery. Although we must not underestimate the HDMI connector that allows us to dump the image on a larger screen.

ASUS Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W

Next-generation USB ports and wireless connectivity that increases transmission speeds

The wireless section of the equipment is at a high altitude. The manufacturer provides the computer with the recent Wi-Fi 6 technology , and the Bluetooth 5.0 standard .

The elegant  Vivobook OLED F1503ZA-MA188W is an excellent machine for professional use , especially for content creators and seasoned computer scientists. With a marvelous display, the cinema-quality OLED panel not only allows you to enjoy content at an incredible level, it is also a constant source of inspiration that keeps the mind of the creative awake . With the company of a powerful processor and last generation technological elements , the laptop drives productivity facilitating with its infinite functionalities any objective that we propose.

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