Audioblock The FlameAudioblock The Flame
Audioblock The Flame

Audioblock The Flame: Wireless speaker on fire

The Flame Bluetooth speaker from the German company Audioblock GmbH is what, and perhaps what you can light with . This complex phrase means that the novelty, in addition to wireless audio functions (7 hours of playback, stereo pairing, AUX IN and touch control), also works as a desktop alcohol burner. Ethanol container included. However, for long-term odorless flame burning, the manufacturer recommends using a special fuel gel.

The Flame is capable of delivering 15W of omni-directional sound. This is in parallel with maintaining the fire, enclosed by a transparent cylindrical wall. Case diameter – 16.6 cm, height – 41.2 cm. The novelty weighs more than 3 kg, so you can not worry about its stability. But in general, it’s still worth worrying – after all, an open flame.

The Cool Dog seems to like the Cool flaming speaker
The Cool Dog seems to like the Cool flaming speaker

However, a live fire can not be lit. In this case, the device has an LED backlight.

In Germany, on the manufacturer’s website, the Audioblock The Flame Bluetooth speaker is offered for 300 euros.

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