Buchardt S400 MKII: Paper cones, reinforced cabinet and updated crossover

The Buchardt S400 MKII two-way rack-mount speakers replace the S400 . The Danish company Buchardt Audio and personally Mads Buchardt (Mads Buchardt) announced major improvements to the new product, which forced to raise the price by 10%.

In appearance, both columns are not too different. The characteristic design is retained with the tweeter located at the bottom in the large horn waveguide. The oval passive radiator is still located on the back of the cabinet. But the aluminum cone of the woofer in the MKII version has been replaced with classic paper.

Even less noticeable is the approximately 15% increase in the internal volume of the body, which also received additional reinforcing spacers. And the most important update is the crossover of the modified circuitry. It is so serious that Mr. Buchardt found it necessary to show the crossover board in a separate picture.

According to him, the crossover uses “carefully selected components from the reputable manufacturer Jantzen Audio Denmark.” The mentioned capacitors Crosscaps, Mox and Superres resistors, inductors wound with high purity copper wire with a thickness of 1.6 mm.


Separately named one heavy-duty capacitor from Miflex – model KPCU-1. All of this is housed on a hardened PCB with thicker conductors than before. Internal wiring has also been reinforced.

The pre-order for the S400 MKII is already open – the speakers were released in black or white design. Delivery is promised by November.

In Europe, Buchardt S400 MKII acoustics will cost 2,000 euros per pair, but for the first 50 pairs of pre-order (Early Bird party) they will provide a 10% discount. A set of stands will cost an additional 400 euros.

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