Davis Acoustics Launches STELLAR Flagship SpeakersDavis Acoustics Launches STELLAR Flagship Speakers
Davis Acoustics Launches STELLAR Flagship Speakers

Davis Acoustics Launches STELLAR Flagship Speakers

The latest flagship model of the French company Davis Acoustics has received the name STELLAR (“Star”), which emphasizes the high, star status of the model.

A work of engineering art is the result of 36 years of continuous scientific and creative research by one of the leaders in the hi-fi industry.



The speakers were created on the principle of Cost is No Object, that is, all the best without regard to the budget.

Therefore, like all uncompromising models, the column turned out to be expensive – from 35.000 Euros, depending on the finish.

But one has only to take a quick look at what Davis Acoustics offers in this model, and the price begins to seem not so great.



The model was personally developed by Monsieur Olivier Vizant, the son of the founder of the company, who has been the main designer of Davis Acoustics for more than 15 years, and represents the best that is currently being done in the field of sound reproduction.

STELLAR is based on advanced technical solutions that have proven their value: high-tech materials for drivers (carbon fiber, Kevlar and aramid fiber), a unique TiCoNAl magnetic motor, specially created audiophile cables for internal wiring, and finally a proprietary cabinet design with internal elements and a special front panel.



Let us dwell on the technologies that are concentrated in STELLAR:

– internal wiring is made of audiophile cable made of high purity copper coated with pure silver;


– The 25cm carbon fiber cone woofer is driven by a high power magnetic motor and equipped with a 45mm voice coil. little waves suspension. The speaker delivers rich, dynamic yet incredibly detailed bass;

STELLAR woofer with carbon cone

– 17 cm mid-range driver with Kevlar cone and TiCoNAl magnetic motor, responsible for the most critical range for human perception. The driver has a 35mm Kapton voice coil and a positive half-wave suspension;

Kevlar midrange driver with TiCoNAl magnet system


– Kevlar cone tweeter with flat suspension 70mm, equipped with double magnetic motor, voice coil 20mm and special diffuser bullet. The tweeter provides high-quality sound up to 30 kHz, the human ear is no longer able to hear such a high sound, but its presence makes the overall sound more realistic;

Kevlar cone tweeter STELLAR with double magnet system and flat suspension

The crossover is assembled from the best components available on the market and optimally tuned to create a coherent sound picture. Only hinged mounting is used. You will not hear individual channels, but will enjoy music as close as possible to live sound.


STELLAR crossover components

The unique teardrop shape of the cabinet with a slanted bezel not only creates a striking and unique design that will embellish any home interior, but also ensures maximum sound fidelity.

The body is made of selective MDF with a thickness of 25 to 40mm, and has no parallel planes. Its design uses a complex system of additional ribs, which effectively increases the rigidity of the hull. The front panel is a separate engineering piece with special elliptical sockets for each driver (rectified with a bell mouth). Each column weighs 100kg! Thanks to these technologies, STELLAR is not affected by standing waves and vibrations.

Here is what its creators say about STELLAR:


“STELLAR offers a unique and realistic sound reproduction. Thanks to its technical concept and design, the concert hall is now in your living room!”.

The production of speakers, crossover, as well as the assembly and tuning of each model takes place in our own factory in Troyes, Champagne, France.

At the request of the customer, speakers can be made with any color finish!


STELLAR made a splash at the recent major European exhibition in Munich. At the moment, pre-orders are being accepted from those wishing to become the first owners of speakers, which will be one of the landmarks of the audio industry for the next few years.

  • Special art finish STELLAR with 3D effect
  • Characteristics
  • Design: rear bass reflex
  • Rated power: 200W
  • Maximum power: 300W
  • Number of bands: 3
  • Number of speakers: 3
  • Sensitivity: 90.5 dB
  • Frequency response: 30-30.000Hz
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Crossover frequency: 300Hz and 3000Hz
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 130 (135 with stand) x 33 x 60 cm.
  • Weight (kg): 100/piece (each speaker comes in a separate case)


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