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Enkl Speaker: Danish 10kg portable speaker

As a rule, a portable speaker implies compactness, but there are times when the “trick” is just that the portable is distinguished by its solid dimensions. Of course, this is not necessary for the sake of size, but for a powerful sound. At least that’s what Danish startup Enkl Sound said.

The creators of Enkl Speaker position their product as a wireless music system “concert” level: volume up to 125 dB, protected from the external environment housing with a carrying handle a la combo amplifier, the ability to create an array of 10 speakers, built-in battery for 80 hours. Only trained fans of loud music will be able to carry the speaker “everywhere with you” – the Enkl Speaker weighs 10 kg.

In a triangular speaker cabinet with rounded corners, two 10-inch woofers are built, one 1.5-inch tweeter and a port for bass amplification. Also hidden inside the Enkl Speaker are two 140W Class D amplifiers.

According to the manufacturer, this should be enough for the biggest street party. By the way, the speaker was also offered to be used at home as a regular wireless system for music. The Bluetooth 5.2 module is responsible for signal transmission.

A smartphone application, which also provides a karaoke mode using the microphone built into the mobile device, will allow you to configure Enkl Speaker and create several separate user profiles. It should be noted that karaoke can be started on all paired speakers at once.

As of today, Enkl Sound is crowdfunding through Kickstarter. The company needs to collect 100,000 euros by November 13 – while they have already collected about 70,000 euros. As part of the Super Early Bird initiative, the speaker is available for € 595. The regular price will be 995 euros. Deliveries are due to begin next May.