Focal Sub12
Focal Sub12
Focal Sub12

Focal Sub12 ST6: Professional studio subwoofer

The updated line of ST6 acoustics from Focal has replenished with a Sub12 subwoofer . The novelty received a 13-inch “W” woofer, a 1000 W BASH amplifier and an automatic standby mode. On the front panel of the subwoofer there are ventilation holes to reduce noise and a bass reflex. On the back there are controls for adjusting the treble and bass frequencies, variable phase.

The subwoofer operates in the frequency range of 30 – 400 Hz with a maximum sound pressure of 124 dB. Device dimensions – 600 × 487 × 568 mm, weight – 58 kg.

Connections include an LFE input/output XLR , two pairs of XLR inputs/outputs for left and right channels, a TRS input/output bypass, and a TRS focus input/output.

The Focal Sub12 ST6 is priced at $2,600 .


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