Gold Note A6 EVO II: Assembled exclusively using Mundorf and Clarity parts

The Gold Note A6 EVO II floorstands turned out to be quite compact: the dimensions of the base of the speakers are 230 x 285 mm ( excluding the dimensions of the supports) with a height of a little more than a meter. Two diamond-shaped side panels with aluminum inserts add rigidity to the structure, creating a distinctive look.

On the front panel there is a pair of 5.5-inch speakers, the cones of which are made of impregnated paper. Gold Note has assured that these magnetically enhanced drivers are very fast and completely made in Italy. Responsible for the high frequency range is an Audax inch silk dome tweeter, mounted on an aluminum flange for rigidity.

The six-inch subwoofer (from SEAS according to some sources) is directed downward and operates in a separate die-cast metal enclosure that attaches to a massive wood support for the entire speaker.

The manufacturer declared a frequency range of 40 Hz – 20 kHz with an unevenness of ± 3 dB and a sensitivity of 88 dB. The nominal impedance of the novelty is 4 ohms, and for the crossover operating at frequencies of 60 Hz and 2000 Hz, you can order the installation of more advanced components, although it is already assembled exclusively using Mundorf and Clarity products.

The Gold Note A6 EVO II floorstanding speaker is already available in the UK for £ 6,000 in gloss black or matt walnut veneer. The glossy walnut trim adds another £ 500 to the cost.