Goldmund Tethys
Goldmund Tethys
Goldmund Tethys

Goldmund Tethys: Double-shell handmade aluminum floorstanders

Swiss company Goldmund said its new floorstanding speaker, Tethys, “represents the culmination of craftsmanship, innovation and an unwavering commitment to delivering the most realistic and immersive sound imaginable.” If Tethys is compared with the well-known Goldmund floorstanders, then these speakers can be considered quite compact: their height is less than 110 cm and weighs 67 kg, and these are two gray aluminum cases with a proprietary “mechanical grounding” system.

The Tethys bottom cabinet is essentially a passive subwoofer with a 9-inch ventilated woofer. The top cabinet houses a 7-inch midrange driver and a soft dome tweeter. All this is united by an improved (according to the manufacturer) crossover. The result is a frequency response of 43 Hz to 25 kHz with -6 dB flatness.

To connect a branded speaker cable, LEMO connectors are used, which can be considered the company’s corporate standard (the same connectors are present on most Goldmund monoblocks). The company claims that each piece of Tethys is “carefully handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to ensure the utmost precision and attention to detail.”

In the UK, a Goldmund Tethys order will cost £62,500.

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