The best hybrid in-ear headphones of 2023

The best hybrid in-ear headphones 2023
The best hybrid in-ear headphones 2023

The use of various types of acoustic transducers in the design of headphones allows you to use the best qualities of each of them. Over the past decade, progress in the creation of such in-ear headphones has been very rapid. In addition to the usual dynamic and reinforcing emitters, they often began to use electrostatic, planar and even piezoelectric drivers.

In our rating, we have collected the most interesting models of the current spring, they are, as usual, arranged in ascending order of price.


8. CVJ Mei

Price – $60

Despite the low price, these headphones have a very interesting design, which uses dynamic and reinforcing radiators. The set includes one dynamic driver with a double magnet system, as well as two armature radiators – one from Knowles, the second made by special order of CVJ. The model uses an original technical solution – two on-off switches allow you to enable and disable individual drivers at your discretion. The cases are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the model is available in three colors – black, silver and blue. The cable has high-purity silver-plated copper wires, 0.75 mm connectors are used to connect to headphones, and a 3.5 mm mini-jack is used to connect to the signal source. The sensitivity of the model is 92 dB, the impedance is 16 ohms.

Pros – low price, interesting solution with disabling individual drivers

Cons – low sensitivity

Verdict: Ability to buy four different models of headphones for the price of one


7. Seek Real Dawn Pro

Price – $249

These headphones use a combination of reinforcement and planar (isodynamic) emitter. The proprietary planar driver measures 10 x 14mm and features a synthetic resin and lithium magnesium alloy composite diaphragm. It serves most of the operating range, while the high frequencies are sounded by a Knowles armature transducer. The housings are made of metal alloy, a two-pole 0.78 mm connector is used to connect the cable. The strands in the conductors are made of high purity silver-plated copper. Three versions of the cable are available to choose from – with an unbalanced 3.5 mm minijack or balanced 2.5 mm or 4.4 mm. The sensitivity of the headphones is 106 dB, the nominal impedance is 16.8 ohms.

Pros – a combination of advanced planar and armature emitters, low resistance

Cons – simple design

Verdict: Excellent mid-range hybrid headphones


6. Moondrop Blessing 3

Price – $319

The hybrid design of the new in-ear headphones from Moondrop includes two types of drivers – dynamic and reinforcing. Each earpiece has four armature drivers and two dynamic drivers with a 10mm cellulose diaphragm. In this case, the dynamic emitters are directed at each other and enclosed in a separate acoustic volume. This allows you to significantly reduce distortion and increase bass response. Reinforcing drivers also received separate acoustic chambers and waveguides, coupled with an electronic separation filter, ensuring the joint operation of all emitters. The cases are 3D printed from hypoallergenic synthetic resin, the outer panel is made of polished stainless steel. According to the manufacturer’s measurements, the headphones have an exceptionally linear phase response.

Pros – original design of the low-frequency link, cellulose diaphragm, linear recoil

Cons – design for an amateur

Verdict: Refined and easy to build headphones


5. QDC Folk

Price – $429

Very beautiful headphones with natural wood outer panels, decorated with a maple leaf image, which use three different types of drivers. The kit includes one armature radiator, one dynamic radiator and one planar (isodynamic) driver. The complete cable received high-purity silver-plated copper conductors and a three-in-one connector with interchangeable 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm minijacks. The headphones also come with a natural bamboo storage box and a set of ear pads in different sizes. The sensitivity of the model is 101 dB, the nominal impedance is 15 ohms, passive sound insulation is -26 dB.

Pros – very beautiful appearance, three types of emitters, the ability to order a custom case

Cons – probably none

Verdict: Stunning high-tech headphones


4.Hidiz MS5

Price – $439

Very beautiful headphones, each of which has five emitters. A dynamic driver with a 10mm composite diaphragm made of Kevlar and liquid crystal polymer is responsible for low frequencies, the rest of the range is sounded by four armature drivers from the Danish company Sonion. Internal connections are made with gold-containing solder. Three colored nozzles are supplied with the headphones, each representing an acoustic filter and providing a recognizable sound signature. Headphone housings are made of anodized aluminum and synthetic resin, the bundled cable uses pure and silver-plated monocrystalline copper cores and is equipped with a 3.5 mm mini-jack. The sensitivity of the model is 104 dB, the nominal impedance at a frequency of 1 kHz is 5.3 Ohm. Headphones are completed with a case for storage from genuine leather.

Pros – stunning design, sound tuning with nozzles, high-quality radiators, low resistance

Cons – almost none

Verdict: Very beautiful headphones with customizable sound


3. Symphonio PB10

Price – $449

This model uses isodynamic and armature radiators – a planar driver with a composite diaphragm only 2 microns thick, plus an armature driver responsible for reproducing the high-frequency range. The hull design uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, processed on a CNC machine. The complete 1.2 m detachable cable includes eight conductors, combining 392 strands of high purity silver-plated copper. The cable is connected to the headphones via bipolar 0.78 mm connectors, to the signal source via a 4.4 mm balanced minijack. The stated headphone impedance is only 12 ohms.

Pros – low resistance, good planar driver

Cons – there are slightly more affordable competitors

Verdict: Original headphones that do not require a powerful amplifier


2. Yanyin Moonlight Ultra

Price – $1,289

The flagship headphones of the Yanyin brand are notable for the use of three different types of emitters – dynamic, reinforcing and electrostatic. Nine drivers operate in each earpiece, and the set includes one dynamic biomaterial diaphragm driver, four rebar drivers from Sonion and Knowles, plus four electrostatic drivers from Sonion. A four-band crossover filter is responsible for matching, you can give the desired color to the sound with the help of two-position switches on the case, which allow you to get three different curves. The cases are close to the anatomical structure and are made of synthetic hypoallergenic resin. The cable also has a hybrid design – it uses strands of pure single-crystal copper and pure single-crystal silver. Headphones come with one of three connectors to choose from – 2.5 mm, 4.4 mm or 3.5 mm. The sensitivity of the model is 112 dB, the nominal impedance is 27 ohms.

Pros – three types of emitters, sound adjustment with switches, silver conductors

Cons – except for the price

Verdict: Top-of-the-range in-ear headphones


1.LETSHUOER Cadenza 12

Price – $2199

The most expensive headphones in the ranking are equipped with twelve emitters. A dynamic transducer with a 10 mm liquid crystal silicone diaphragm is responsible for the low-frequency range, 11 Knowles and Sonion reinforcing transducers work at medium and high frequencies. The cases have a complex anatomical shape and are made of titanium alloy on a CNC machine. The coordinated work of all drivers is provided by a five-band crossover filter and five independent waveguides. The detachable cable also features a hybrid design, using single crystal silver and high purity single crystal copper strands. It is equipped with a modular jack that allows you to install one of three minijacks – 2.5 mm, 4.4 mm and 3.5 mm. The sensitivity of the model is 110 dB, the nominal impedance is 16 ohms.

Pros – titanium cases, high-quality drivers, cable with silver and copper conductors

Cons – expensive

Verdict: Top headphones with a price tag to match