Wired and Wireless Headphones and Amp Style Speakers from Fender Audio

Fender Audio 2022 Collection
Fender Audio 2022 Collection

Fender Musical Instruments has worked fruitfully with Singapore’s Generation-S Private Limited and Riff SoundWorks. The result is a collection of Fender Audio products inspired by the legacy of the brand’s founder, Leo Fender. It consists of three sections: fully wireless headphones, “cable” headphones (close to professional ones) and Bluetooth speakers.

“These Fender Audio products represent a continuation of the brand’s evolution of sound and innovation, building on a concept created over 75 years ago,” said Richard Bussey, Fender vice president of accessories, lifestyle and licensing. “Even the aesthetics of Bluetooth speakers goes back to Leo Fender’s early days when he worked as an amplifier and musical instrument repairman.

The Fender Tour series of fully wireless headphones includes 3 models: Tour, Tour Lite and Tour Pro. The former received a patented 7mm driver and a specially tuned DSP audio processor. The Tour Lite and Tour Pro models are multi-drive hybrid. They will appear in November 2022.

Cable headphones of the Producer series in their properties are close to professional in-ear monitors. These are patented multi-band hybrid systems, in total 5 models: Track, Track Lite, Track Pro, Mix and Mix Pro. The older one, Mix Pro, for example, has 6 drivers.


The Fender Audio Bluetooth speakers are available in two models: the Newport 2, made in vintage style of the 50s, with two full-range speakers and a tweeter on board, and the Indio 2, which copies the appearance of the Fender guitar amp, including the knobs. This is a larger system, with two 16mm tweeters and a pair of 3.5″ bass-mid drivers.

In terms of pricing for Fender Audio products, the Tour headphones are priced at $150 in the US, with Tour Lite and Tour Pro prices yet to be announced. Track, Track Lite, Track Pro, Mix and Mix Pro headphones range from $280 to $1,000, Newport 2 speaker $280, Indio 2 $380.

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