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JUZEAR Butterfly 61T
JUZEAR Butterfly 61T
JUZEAR Butterfly 61T

JUZEAR Butterfly 61T: Multi-driver hybrid in-ear headphones

Juzear has unveiled the Butterfly 61T , a multi-driver hybrid in-ear headphone with one 10mm dynamic driver and six armature drivers on each side. These headphones demonstrate Juzear’s commitment to high quality sound with a new 10mm dynamic driver coupled with custom and Knowles BA drivers. The front panel is manufactured with high precision using CNC processing technology. The 61T’s cabinet is designed using high-precision DLP 3D printing and features acoustic channels for accurate sound reproduction. Juzear tuned the Butterfly 61T to deliver a smooth, lively sound with rich, natural tone and refined detail throughout the entire frequency range.

JUZEAR Butterfly 61T

Hybrid Configuration
Juzear Butterfly 61T is a hybrid headphone with a 1DD+6BA configuration. The set uses high-quality drivers to provide high-resolution audio. Featuring a 10mm dynamic driver with a composite carbon-coated diaphragm, the 61T promises rich and dynamic bass with excellent rumble and a clear mid-bass range. This DD is combined with several Knowles BA drivers and custom 31736s for high-resolution mid- and high-frequency reproduction. The headphones provide consistency between drivers, creating rich and smooth sound.

Superior Design
The headphones are made of high precision 3D printed resin and CNC machined mother of pearl shell bezels. The plates look sophisticated and have a premium look. Both sides of the headphones also feature butterfly wings on the bezels.

3D Printed Acoustic Channel Design
The drivers are integrated using a carefully designed 3D printed acoustic structure. The cabinet has properly designed channels that run straight from the driver to the nozzle, providing clear sound performance without interference from other drivers. This also helps reduce overall harmonic distortion (THD).

High Quality Silver Plated Cable
Juzear includes high quality accessories for the new Butterfly 61T, including high purity 18AWG 6N silver plated oxygen free copper cable. The cable has standard 0.78 mm 2-pin connectors and is available with different plug options: 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm or 4.4 mm. The kit also includes high quality silicone tips.

JUZEAR Butterfly 61T

Characteristics of JUZEAR Butterfly 61T:

  • Sensitivity: 115 dB
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Resistance: 46 Ohm
  • Headphone jack: 2-pin
  • Cable Connector: 3.5mm/4.4mm

Price: $220

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