Soundcore Q10i / Life 2 Neo gives you great sound for only $65

Can 65 bucks buy cool big wireless headphones in 2022? Almost unreal! Almost, because there is this ‒ Soundcore Q10i . I don’t understand how and why the developers do this.

Complete set

A typical box for Anker products and the same equipment – nothing extraordinary: ears, cable and documentation.

Design and ergonomics


At such a price, you would expect that there could be a simple design, or too cheap materials, or the absence of ear pads and headstock at all. But no! There is a complex system of rotating bowls, high-quality matte plastic with splashes of gloss, a comfortable headband, logical and ergonomic buttons, high-quality leather and even a complex design.

With ergonomics, absolutely everything is standard, the headphones are full-sized , quite light and do not put pressure on the head. You can spend many hours in them, it is not the best solution for sports. Among the removed connectors are USB-C for charging and mini-jack 3.5 mm for wired use – that’s a thrill, because you can even mount with them.



It is the sound here that causes dissonance in the first place, because the sound cannot be like this for 67 bucks. Come on, I won’t even tell you about it, I’ll just say that if I had to use these headphones instead of Sony WH-1000XM4 or Sennheiser Momentum 4 , I wouldn’t be too upset. Yes, everything is so cool. I invite you to visit us for an audition.

From chips, what you do not expect is multipoint, that is, the ability to connect to several devices. At the same time, I had it connected to a laptop and a smartphone, everything switches and works. Minus – they have a little noise when idle, but that is even in some premium models. There is a bass boost button, I would tear it off, because everything is fine with the bass here anyway.

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