The Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones 2022-2023

Large wraparound Bluetooth headphones are less common than the popular TWS models, but they are the ones with the best sound quality, especially if they allow multiple connection options and support...

The best wireless headphones 2022-2023
The best wireless headphones 2022-2023
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Large wraparound Bluetooth headphones are less common than the popular TWS models, but they are the ones with the best sound quality, especially if they allow multiple connection options and support audiophile codecs.


8: Baseus H1

Price – $60

Our rating is opened by the budget model of the Chinese brand Baseus, the main feature of which is a very large battery. According to the developers, the battery capacity of 800 mAh provides up to 300 hours of standby time and up to 70 hours of active use. The headphones offer a hybrid active noise cancellation system capable of dampening background noise (wind, street sounds, and others) in the range of up to 40 dB. Four microphones provide crystal clear sound during voice calls. The earbuds are equipped with an upgraded V5.2 wireless connection chip with an input lag of only 38ms.

Pros – comfortable fit, long battery life, branded mobile application

Cons: None at this price

Verdict: Competition from Chinese brands intensifies


7: Porsche Design PDH80

Price – 399 euros

The new model of full-size headphones from the famous design bureau is equipped with an active noise cancellation system and a capacious rechargeable battery – the developers promise 50 hours of work with activated ANC. Without noise cancellation turned on, the headphones will last 75 hours. The acoustic part of the model includes dynamic drivers with a 50mm diaphragm and neodymium magnets. In addition to Bluetooth pairing, there is the possibility of a wired connection, all functions are controlled through the touch area on the outside of the cup. The headband and ear pads are trimmed with artificial leather, a pair of headphones weighs 330 grams.

Pros – strict appearance, long battery life, the possibility of wired connection

Cons – no support for audiophile codecs

Verdict: Real “masculine” headphones with a timeless design


6: V-MODA S-80

Price – $399.99

Another hit from the Japanese company, famous for releasing great-sounding headphones with the ability to customize cups. In these on-ear headphones, wireless connection is provided by Bluetooth 5.1 module with support for aptX HD and AAC codecs. Unfortunately, a wired connection is not available. According to the developers, the model can also be used as a neck speaker, while the device automatically changes the sound profile when it is in a horizontal position. Settings for all the main functions of the headphones can be carried out through a proprietary mobile application. The model will be produced in three colors – black, gold and white, while the possibility of installing colored overlays on the outside of the cups remains. The acoustic part of the model is built on 40 mm dynamic drivers.

Pros – great design, neckband function, aptX HD support

Cons – only 20 hours of battery life

Verdict: Beautiful and comfortable on-ear headphones with original functionality


5: Master & Dynamic MW75

Price – $600

New York-based Master & Dynamic has expanded its range of full-size wireless headphones, the body and cups of which are made of aluminum and lambskin. The headband and ear pads use memory foam. For the sound, emitters with a 40-mm diaphragm coated with beryllium are responsible. Four microphones are involved in active noise cancellation technology. The developers claim that ANC automatically adjusts the noise reduction settings depending on the environment. Pairing with mobile gadgets is provided by a Bluetooth 5.2 module with support for the aptX Adaptive codec. Battery life is 32 hours without noise canceling on and 28 hours with it on.

Pros – Stunning looking headphones with premium finish, beryllium coated drivers

Cons: Expensive, short battery life

Verdict: Wonderful over-ear headphones with luxurious design and great sound


4: Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2

Price – 430 euros

The new generation of wireless headphones from the British firm has retained the design of its predecessors, but they are based on a completely new acoustic platform. It features newly developed 40mm biocellulose drivers that are angled to provide a constant distance from the listener’s ear. In addition to Bluetooth pairing with support for aptX Adaptive and aptX HD codecs, USB-C and 3.5mm cable connections are also possible, both types of cables are included with the headphones. The model uses a hybrid noise reduction system, the battery life from a single charge in playback mode is 30 hours. These are the first headphones to work directly with the Bowers & Wilkins Music app.

Pros – improved acoustic part, support for a proprietary application, excellent sound quality in wired and wireless mode

Cons – battery life could be longer

Verdict: One of the best headphones for music lovers and audiophiles


3: Sony WH-1000XM5

Price – 420 euros

The fifth generation of the recognized market leader features a radically redesigned design and the most advanced noise reduction system. The heart of the model is the proprietary V1 processor, supported by the QN1 coprocessor. Each cup has 4 microphones, which ensure the operation of the noise reduction system both when listening to music and when talking on the phone. The acoustic part has also been redesigned, now it is built on 30 mm dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets, the membranes of which received polyurethane suspensions. This solution allows them to achieve a good return on bass. The battery life with the noise canceling system turned on is 24 hours, which is not that much. When connected wirelessly, the headphones support AAC and LDAC codecs, a wired connection is also possible via a 3.5 mm minijack connector.

Pros – fresh design, excellent noise reduction system, high sound quality

Cons: Not the longest battery life

Verdict: An updated version of the popular wireless headphones for fans of advanced noise reduction


2: HiFiMan HE-R9

Price – $599

In this rating, the model is practically out of competition, since it is not formally wireless. However, with the help of an external proprietary Bluemini R2R module, it can be turned into amazing wireless headphones. A high-quality resistive-matrix DAC and Bluetooth with aptX Adaptive and LDAC support deliver superb sound quality that’s almost as good as a wired connection. The novelty also features the use of rare-earth magnets and the Topology Diaphragm membrane coated with nanomaterials, which ensure the operation of headphones in the range from 15 to 35,000 Hz with a wired connection. High-quality memory foam in the headband with a steel frame ensures maximum comfort for extended wear.

Pros – excellent wireless sound quality, premium finishing materials

Cons – limited functionality

Verdict: A model for those who are not ready to compromise on wireless listening


1: Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless

Price – 350

The new generation features redesigned cups and headband – the latter is now covered in fabric and devoid of metal guides. The carrying case has also changed, in which, in addition to the headphones, there is a USB charging cable, a cable with analog connectors for a wired connection, and an adapter for connecting to an aircraft media system. The novelty is connected to the signal source using a Bluetooth module with support for AAC and SBC codecs. Declared support and technology aptX Adaptive. The Adaptive Noise Cancellation system will offer users a “transparency” mode. The battery capacity, according to the developers, is enough for 60 hours of playback. The acoustic part is built on new 42mm dynamic drivers.

Pros – updated design, 60 hours autonomy, aptX Adaptive support, great sound

Cons – none

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