Audio Technica to launch AT BHA100 and DAC100 as a duoAudio Technica to launch AT BHA100 and DAC100 as a duo

Audio Technica to launch AT BHA100 and DAC100 as a duo

Audio-Technica is preparing to launch a strong duo.

The Audio Technica AT BHA100 and  the Audio Technica DAC100

The DAC converter with the name AT-DAC100 that will take care to make the digital signal to analog and the headphone amplifier AT-BHA100 which is high technology.


These two devices can be mounted horizontally and vertically, thanks to their special base. Their chassis is made of black anodized aluminum and is a must for desktop use, next to your computer.

The DAC AT-DAC100 includes USB-B (for USB DAC), optical and coaxial input, we have RCA at the output, but not XLR, although it supports the headphone amplifier. For conversion the signal passes through the recent AK4452VN chip, not as high-end as the AK4499 or AK4497 for example, but supports PCM files up to 32bit / 768KHz, as well as native DSD512. Low-pass filtering (DAC output) is provided here by TI’s LME49860 amplifier (chip), while -as the manufacturer says- the output stage is designed for use with bulb amplifiers.

The AT-BHA100 is a hybrid headphone amplifier in dual mono and balanced design, using four ECC83S (two per channel) lamps from the Slovak JJ Electronic in the preamplifier and the MUSES8820 amplifier from the NJR as the power stage. There is a balanced XLR and RCA input, while we also have an RCA line output.


On the front, the AT-BHA100 is very complete, as in addition to two headphone jacks (two of 6.35 mm with separate volume control) there is also a balanced 4-pin XLR and a 4 mm socket (also balanced). The amplifier is “open” on the side to see the lights.

We do not know when they will be released yet but will keep you posted.


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