Huawei Sound JoyHuawei Sound Joy
Huawei Sound Joy

Huawei Sound Joy: Portable speaker with sound from Devialet

The standalone Huawei Sound Joy Bluetooth speaker is an example of a very familiar design: a cylinder covered with a rough waterproof and acoustically transparent fabric with a pair of passive radiators at the ends. Both these and the full-range carbon fiber cone, paired with a silk tweeter inside the cabinet, are made by Devialet.

As a result, for the portable Sound Joy, the frequency range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz is declared – however, with an unevenness of 10 dB. The characteristic of the system is aligned using Devialet SAM technology.


Amplifiers with a total power of 30 W allowed the Huawei Sound Joy to create a sound pressure of up to 79 dB at a distance of 2 m. And wherever Sound Joy is located – in a bicycle mount for a flask, in a travel bag or just in the hand, on a lanyard – the volume should be enough for the owner and for those around you.


The built-in 8800 mAh battery will provide 26 hours of operation at medium volume. Included is a 40 W charger, which in 10 minutes it will add energy for another hour of work. Protection according to the IP67 standard will secure the column even in case of sudden flooding.



The Huawei Sound Joy speaker receives an audio signal via Bluetooth 5.2. Shake the speaker for automatic pairing. And if you shake two speakers at once, they will go into stereo mode.

In addition, there is an auto-discovery feature, but it is only supported on Huawei phones and tablets running HarmonyOS 2 or later. But on Huawei smart watches, you can remotely adjust the volume and switch tracks.

In addition, Sound Joy is equipped with color music – it is worked out by a multi-color ring on the end, which is enabled by default. You can turn it off by holding the “pause” button on the column. Judging by the corporate photo, the column received two color options: black and green “khaki”.


In Europe, the cost of Huawei Sound Joy is 150 euros.


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