JBL L100 and L82 Classic: Retro is back in fashion

The original JBL L100 speaker system was released in 1970 and at that time deservedly received recognition in the wake of the increasing interest in Hi-Fi technology. The model was produced for ten years and during this period more than one hundred thousand copies were sold.

Last spring, the L100 Classic model was presented, whose design plays on the lines of the column, which is iconic for the company. Luckily, JBL understands that retro appeal and romance alone aren’t guaranteed to be successful. Although carefully designed to mimic the looks and dimensions of their predecessors, the classics represent a completely new design using the best modern technology and technology that the company has to offer for a price.


JBL L100 Classic


The size of a small refrigerator and weighing 27 kg, it is equipped with a 30 cm woofer, which, in all its archaic form, is a modern conical radiator made of cellulose. A 130mm cone is responsible for the mids, a polymer-coated cellulose cone, and a titanium dome tweeter works with the rest of the frequency range from 3.5 kHz to about 40 kHz (this upper figure is within -6 dB).

The body is lined with natural walnut veneer, the front and rear panels are painted black, and the front grill in Quadrex foam rubber is available in orange, black or blue.


The JS-120 stand can be purchased separately, which raises the speaker about 20 cm from the floor and tilts it back slightly to fully match the retro design.


JBL L82 Classic



At the Hi-Fi Show in Bristol, JBL unveiled a smaller version of the L100 Classic, the L82 Classic. Acoustics are presented within the Harman Luxury Audio Group, which includes Arcam, Lexicon and Mark Levinson, the product is truly premium.

The younger model uses a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter with acoustic lens waveguide as the L100, an 8-inch die-cast cone subwoofer that works in conjunction with the front Slipstream port to reflect bass. The body is also made of wood with a removable foam grill.



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