Klipsch Reference Premier subwoofers launched

Klipsch announced four subwoofers at once in the Reference Premier series. This acoustics from Klipsch is considered the best-selling, now it will be easy to choose the most appropriate branded subwoofer for it. Four models were designated RP-1000 SW, RP-1200 SW, RP-1400 SW and RP-1600 SW, where the first 2 digits indicate the diameter of the Cerametallic woofer.

The Reference Premier subwoofers feature a combination of analog preamp circuitry with a Class D digital driver, a design Klipsch says is particularly effective. The peak power of the older subwoofer RP-1600SW, equipped with a 16-inch speaker, reaches 1,600 watts. Further – in descending order: 1,000, 800 and, finally, 600 W for the younger model RP-1000SW. For connection, you can use an RCA cable and an optional WA-2 – a proprietary wireless subwoofer kit, and they work simultaneously, so that one subwoofer is able to “serve”, for example, two setups.

Klipsch Reference Premier subwoofers use low-noise Aerofoil bass reflex ports. The cases on shock-absorbing rubber feet received rounded corners and are complemented by grills made of acoustically transparent fabric. There is only one design option, this is a vinyl finish, which, according to the manufacturer, is scratch resistant and imitates the surface of ebony as closely as possible.

In the US, the Klipsch Reference Premier subwoofers are priced at $1,800 for the RP-1600SW, $1,400 for the RP-1400SW, $1,000 for the RP-1200SW, and $750 for the RP-1000SW.