Klipsch The Fives McLaren Edition
Klipsch The Fives McLaren Edition

Klipsch The Fives McLaren Edition: Limited Edition Bookshelf Speakers

The Fives McLaren Edition shelves are designed by Klipsch in collaboration with the legendary Formula 1 racing team. Users will receive a set of two columns, each measuring 305 × 165 × 235 mm and weighing 5.35 kg.

In terms of design, the special edition devices differ from the basic ones in the orange acceptance on the horn and in the color of the control panel – in the McLaren Edition it is orange. The feet were replaced with a rubber “sole”. In the style of McLaren , the connecting cable is also made.

If we talk about internal changes, the woofer has undergone a major modernization. It was fitted with a racing carbon fiber diffuser. The one-inch tweeter was placed in the Tractrix horn . Each driver is paired with its own amplifier: 60W for woofers and 20W for tweeters.

The system operates in a “master and slave” configuration. The frequency range is 50 – 25,000 Hz, the maximum sound pressure is 109 dB.

The cost of the limited edition speaker has not yet been announced.

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