Kudos Audio Cardea Super 10A / 20A: New bookshelf and floor standing speakers

Kudos Audio announced that its updated acoustics – Cardea Super 10A shelf speakers and Super 20A floor standing speakers – are already available for demonstration and sale. According to the company, both new items are in line with its “KISS” principle: a good selection of materials, great drivers and a crossover that is as simple as possible.

Kudos Audio launches Cardea Super 10A bookshelf speakers and Super 20A floor standing speakers

As for the speakers – already traditionally, these are the models of the Norwegian company Seas, created according to the Kudos specifications. In both columns there is a 180-mm mid-woofer with a cast openwork basket and impregnated paper cone.

The only difference is the diameter of the voice coil: 39 mm for the Super 10A and 26 mm for the Super 20A. Both drivers received a copper ring in the magnetic system. The Super 10A and Super 20A have the same tweeter – a customized version of the 29mm Seas Crescendo K2 with a soft fabric dome.

The Super 10A and Super 20A crossovers use low resistance Mundorf air core inductors, complemented by 400V ICW CMR capacitors and Mundorf Supreme resistors. For internal wiring, a Kudos KS-1 cable was used.

The crossover components are widely spaced apart. The speaker cable terminal panel is secured to the back of the speaker cabinet without compromising its integrity.

Super 10A and Super 20A cabinets are made of HDF veneer. The speakers are available in the colors White, Walnut, Natural Oak and Black Oak.

In the UK, the Kudos Audio Super 10A is already on sale for £ 4,000 and the Super 20A for £ 5,000.