L-Acoustics SB10i: Premium compact subwoofer

The French company L-Acoustics, which is gradually expanding its catalog with products of new categories, has presented a compact subwoofer SB10i for home and commercial installations.

The company said the SB10i is an attempt to pack L-Acoustics’ signature professional sound into a compact luxury woofer for the home. According to the manufacturer, the attempt was successful: the new sub is small (540x540x170 mm), relatively light (15 kg), powerful and efficient. The model received a 10-inch emitter capable of reproducing sounds up to 27 Hz at a maximum pressure of 124 dB.


The company recommended using the SB10i with the L-Acoustics X4i and 5XT installation speakers. According to the company, the new subwoofer and these speakers will be a good solution for a premium home system, as well as for commercial premises such as a museum or hotel.

A special emphasis was made on the fact that the SB10i assumes a simple and inconspicuous installation / connection: the installer can hide all the wires and fasteners so that the subwoofer will harmoniously fit into the interior.

The cost of the new items has not yet been announced, but it is already known that the SB10i will be sold early next year. Interested installers were asked to contact the firm to place a pre-order.


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