Lenovo TS32: Is it a Speaker or a soundbar?

We are already used to talking about Lenovo products in  the field of sound that have a knockdown price, for example, the Lenovo PD1 true wireless headphones  . Today we return to the load with another product that we have found and that we have found very interesting for its value for money. Can you have a sound bar for just 10 euros? Lenovo says yes and puts the Lenovo TS32 on the table  .

If you have also seen this model in stores like Aliexpress or Gearbest and it makes you curious, keep reading because below we are going to explain everything you need to know about it to assess if it is a good product or if, on the contrary, it is better let it pass.

Lenovo Thinkplus TS32 design

Lenovo TS32 is a soundbar/speaker that works via bluetooth or cable. You cannot expect high power or premium quality but it is a good additional peripheral to maximize the possibilities of your TV or to use it simply as a speaker. In the end, be sure to be a wireless speaker in the shape of a soundbar.

Lenovo TS32

Entering fully into its design, we find a single black color  . Its dimensions are  380 x 75 x 60 mm and its weight is 780 grams . It is built in  plastic and has a top wheel to control the volume. The Lenovo Thinkplus TS32 has dual speakers that are seen from the outside illuminated in blue.

What about the sound?

This Lenovo sound bar has an advantage and it is that it can be used both by bluetooth and by cable. It is compatible with all types of devices that work with 3.5 mm or with said wireless connectivity, such as Smart TV, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. The connection is very simple, just plug and play, that is, connect and start playing if it is via cable, while if we do it via bluetooth it is the same as connecting any other type of device, we have to look for it in the list of devices and link it. Once linked, it remains automatically and we do not have to repeat this process again the next times we are going to use it.

The Lenovo Thinkplus TS32 emits stereo sound thanks to its  dual channel speakers with DSP technology . It incorporates a small subwoofer that, without being the panacea, gives us a little improvement in the bass. Its frequency response is 80Hz-18KHz and its output power is  6W . As you can see, it is not a very powerful soundbar or at the height of the models that exceed 400W, there is a huge world between them, but you must also bear in mind that the budget is not, by far, the same .

You can choose the wired version or the Bluetooth version, Bluetooth is a little more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. Why? Because although the most gourmets of sound would tell you that cable is always more realistic and with higher quality, we are not going to fool you. The highlight of this soundbar is not its quality, it is its price, therefore, you will not pay attention to those details.

Speaker or sound bar?

At this point, we want to clarify something for you. Although its design puts a sound bar on the table, in reality it is a speaker without more. Hence its power and low price. It is a very original way to have a more attractive design for your living room, without your pocket suffering. But this is what has to be clear to you so that you can make your purchase decision knowing exactly what you are buying.

Its design is quite compact and attractive, it sounds good, without great fanfare, but it is quite good for what we have to pay for it. The sound is clear, the bass is well worked and the volume level more than appropriate. It can distort a bit if you put it at maximum power, but in any case it is never advisable to go over volume to avoid problems with neighbors or even for our own health.

In any case, we have a good option if you have been wanting a speaker for a long time but you like this soundbar-like design.

It is a very modest model, but also very economical, so it can be a very good option if you are looking for something cheap to give as a gift and have a detail with someone or to mount a cheap set up. You can even use it for your vacations, on the beach or in the pool, although we do not recommend this option since it is not resistant to liquids and if it splashes water or any other issue it can spoil you.

We insist that you cannot compare it to a sound bar as such even if the manufacturer calls it that, because surely you have in your head the classic 400W sound bar for TV. This one, with 6W, is a bit in no man’s land, but as a bluetooth speaker it does its job very well and can help you give your desk or living room a more premium look.


  • Nice soundbar-like design
  • Compact sound
  • Possibility of using it wireless or wired
  • High compatibility with different types of devices
  • Very economical
  • Acceptable quality


  • No NFC
  • Only one color available
  • Very modest power
  • Has no resistance to liquids



Dimensions 380 x 75 x 60 mm
Weight 780 grams
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Connectivity Bluetooth / 3.5 mm
Sound Stereo, dual channel speakers with DSP technology
Frequency response 80Hz-18KHz
Power 6 W