Linn 360 Exakt Integrated and Passive loudspeakers launched

Linn has introduced a new series of active speaker systems Linn 360 Exakt , which includes two models – Linn 360 Exakt Integrated and Linn 360 Exakt Passive with Aktiv...

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Linn has introduced a new series of active speaker systems Linn 360 Exakt , which includes two models – Linn 360 Exakt Integrated and Linn 360 Exakt Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB). According to the manufacturer, the new speakers promise “unprecedented clarity and realism, as well as the absence of sonic coloration” through the use of innovative drivers and amplification technologies that achieve an unprecedented low level of distortion.

Linn 360 Exakt loudspeakers are implemented in a four-way concept. The high-frequency range is served by a tweeter with a 19 mm beryllium dome. Linn claims to have managed to bring distortion and resonance far beyond the audible frequency range (and even beyond the range detected by the company’s measurement system) with this driver. This allows you to achieve a clear and open sound.

The mid-frequency range is handled by a 64mm dome driver made of thin woven carbon fiber, characterized by the perfect combination of stiffness and lightness. Again, any inherent driver resonances and distortion appear almost three octaves above the audible range.

The upper bass is reproduced by a 190 mm driver, and the low-frequency foundation is provided by a driver with a diameter of 220 mm. The cones of these drivers are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, chosen for its high rigidity, which brings its operation closer to the piston mode.

The expressiveness of the low-frequency range is helped by Linn Power DAC technology. This new Linn technology, built from the ground up, combines a DAC and a class D amplifier, the manufacturer claims. As a result, the Power DAC promises to be highly efficient, ultra-low noise, and ideal for handling the lowest bass in the Linn 360 Exakt system. At the same time, the new Linn Adaptive Bias Control amplification technology is used for amplifiers that work with high-frequency, mid-range and upper bass drivers.


All of these innovations are packaged in a stylish and highly durable case built from 3D laminated panels. The 360 ​​Array finish features a series of concentric arcs that are “reminiscent of the grooves of a vinyl record” and are reminiscent of the famous Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. These grooves are located next to the tweeter guard, which draws attention with its chrome Linn badge. The protective grilles are made of 5754 aluminum.

In addition to the classic Piano Black and Alpine White finishes , Linn offers an exclusive Glasgow designer collection that shows pride in Linn’s heritage and celebrates its Scottish roots with distinctive names – Clyde Built, Single Malt and Linn Heritage .


Linn 360 Exakt Integrated speakers are designed to work with the Linn DSM network music player using Linn Exakt technology. However, if you already have an amplifier from another manufacturer, or if you are using a Linn Exakt system using the Exakt Box, then the Linn 360 Exakt Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB) option is for you.


The Linn 360 Exakt Integrated speakers are available in the UK for £87,500 , while the Linn 360 Exakt Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB) is £55,000 . Reception of pre-orders for new items has already begun.

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