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History of the Japanese company Accuphase
History of the Japanese company Accuphase
History of the Japanese company Accuphase


The company’s name is derived from two words: “accurate” + “phase”, which emphasizes the paramount importance of accurately reproducing the phase characteristics of the signal (measures for this are taken in both players and amplifiers). But purely commercial brands do not operate with such concepts at all. Accuphase, on the contrary, knows a lot about measurements, and in addition, due to its advanced circuit technology, it uses a relatively large number of parts in its equipment and makes very strict demands when choosing everything that affects the sound. Phase distortion, of course, is not the only important parameter: the company ensures unusually low noise in its audio system (while also controlling its spectrum) and minimizes intermodulation distortion, striving not for a flashy SOI figure, but for the absence of higher-order harmonics.


Accuphase Laboratory Inc., located in Japan’s second largest city Yokohama, has been manufacturing its sophisticated amplifiers, turntables, digital equalizers, etc. for more than three decades. Accuphase devices always have a balanced audio path. The brand is known all over the world as particularly resistant to obsolescence and long-term use. Although the company’s website does not have a “Company History” section, Assiphase Laboratory serves as a kind of symbol of high-end freedom from cheap “PR”, the fluctuations of fickle fashion or the consequences of rash technical decisions ( i.e. not tested by ear). The simple design of the components, recognizable even from afar, evokes a sweet retro atmosphere .

C 3600.jpg
Accuphase C-3800 (2010) 

Upon closer inspection, the devices are simply dazzling in their exemplary precision of execution. At the same time, the “laboratory” reveals an almost inexhaustible design imagination – the corporate style of work and the deepest competence in audio technologies help out. Accuphase only produces high-end. The company’s philosophy leans towards exclusivity: they say, since there are extremely expensive exquisite musical instruments, equally unique electronic components have a right to life. This belief forms the main concept of the developers: in every module, in every product, it is necessary to achieve extra-quality. Simplified approaches are not accepted here: individual manual assembly and adjustment, endless searches and research, uncompromising in the field of production. As a result, the production volume is extremely limited, and any Accuphase product costs so much money that only a few can afford it…

Accuphase E-650.jpg
Accuphase E-650 (2017) 

In general, the range of branded audio components is wide: from CD/SACD transports and various amplifiers to AV processors, digital crossovers (!) and network air conditioners. Let us repeat once again that all Accuphase components are created without budget restrictions, and the developers openly declare the high cost of their creations.  In the endless struggle for better quality, which requires a very high level of production organization, it was decided to abandon assembly line methods. In this regard, production volume is limited, and Accuphase brand products can only be purchased in some specialized stores.

accuphase A70.jpg
Accuphase A-70 (2016) 

Accuphase equipment is not subject to the whims of fashion, since it is created, first of all, for the sake of truly high fidelity sound reproduction. This is the main reason why these products have not become the subject of mass production.

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