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Argon Audio is a Danish audio company founded 25 years ago with a clear goal: to produce high quality products at affordable prices. Today, all Argon Audio products are developed and engineered in Denmark and carefully crafted to deliver levels of performance that far exceed their respective price points – and always with a Scandinavian design aesthetic.

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Our first big success was the DAB1, a small tabletop radio with amazing sound quality compared to all its competitors. Later came iNet2, which was one of the first products in the world to launch using Spotify Connect. Today, our radios are still going strong and remain one of the most popular tabletop radios for those who love great sound quality and ease of use, and they’ve only gotten better since then.


Later models 7340A and 7350A appeared. We introduced these amazing active speakers back at a time when the concept of active hi-fi speakers was still completely unheard of to most people outside the professional audio industry. Since then, we have led the market in affordable all-in-one powered speaker solutions and continue to innovate and dominate this area in our market.


Five years later, the TT-2 appeared. To this day it remains the best-selling turntable at HiFi Klubben and provided amazing sound quality to thousands of people, even at a time when turntables were much less common than they are today. It was replaced in 2020 by the TT-3, which improved in every aspect but retained the best-in-class value that the TT-2 offered in its day.


Each Argon product is unique, but they all offer excellent value for money and meet high quality standards. We have floorstanding, small and compact, active and passive speakers, as well as electronics such as amplifiers, streamers and multimedia radios. All our products are designed and engineered in Denmark and carefully selected to provide levels of performance that are well above their respective price points.