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The American company Audeze (“o-dizy”) was founded in 2010 by two film industry employees – Alex Rosson and Sankar Thiagasamudram, who were involved in the technical side of creating film soundtracks. They decided to use flexible printed circuits that were specially developed for NASA.  Audeze are high-end headphones that provide the most accurate sound reproduction available today. They incorporate the latest advances in materials science and acoustic technology to deliver amazingly dynamic and immersive sound – with powerful bass, engaging mids and open, extended highs.


The company consists of a friendly team of engineers and entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the field of audio reproduction. All headphones and accessories are handmade and made only in the USA.  All headphone models produced by Audeze today use planar technology – a flat, thin film on the surface of which printed conductors are located. When current passes through them, the audio signal interacts with the powerful field of the permanent magnets and causes the diaphragm to move. This technology has a number of advantages over traditional electrodynamic speakers. The Audeze brand is well known to fans of premium acoustics. This is a manufacturer of high-end headphones and audio accessories from the USA, whose main idea is optimal transmission of audio signals without distortion. To achieve this result, the company’s products use magnetic-planar technology.

Audeze LCD X Black 21

Unlike compression headphones, in planar models the emitter is a mylar membrane with voice coil conductors “printed” on it, located between the two poles of a powerful magnetic system. When current passes through the coil, the audio signal interacts with the powerful field of the permanent magnets and causes the diaphragm to move. In conventional dynamic drivers, the oscillations of the diffuser continue for some time after the signal has stopped, adding “dirt” to the sound spectrum. In planar sound systems, the damping of vibrations of the radiating membrane occurs almost instantly due to the low mass of the membrane and the strong magnetic field that controls it. There is no “fan” of overtones inherent in compression systems, which results in a very high quality output signal. All the company’s efforts are aimed at developing and implementing various innovations in the production of new emitters and headphones. Therefore, many Audeze products are recognized as reference by audiophiles around the world. Well, they cost thousands of dollars.

Audeze LCD XC Bubinga 21

Made in the USA, Audeze headphones reconnect you and your music in its purest form, without any coloration or overtones. Many headphones add their own characteristics to the music – bass that drowns out all other sounds or raised high frequencies. Audeze headphones produce such transparent sound that you can feel that you are not listening to headphones or even a recording of music, but to the artist himself. Building on the many benefits of traditional planar drivers, Audeze has significantly improved the driver design and magnetic structure for even more exciting sound. These technological advances give Audeze products the deepest and most precise bass, engaging mids and clear, detailed highs without distortion. Despite the fact that all Audeze headphones have approximately the same frequency range, each of them articulates the nuances of sound in its own way, depending on the field of application.

Audeze Design

Award-winning Audeze headphones are renowned for their distinctive sound, created by a combination of advanced driver technology, superb build quality and hand-selected premium materials. Thanks to the unique driver design, Audeze headphones provide complete comfort for many hours. Combining iconic style with the world’s most innovative planar technology, these headphones deliver an unforgettable experience.

Designing Audeze

Using unique designs and patented technologies, Audeze has become widely recognized as an industry leader, delivering planar magnetic headphones that deliver unrivaled performance, visual appeal and comfort. This was achieved by pushing the boundaries of technology, materials science and engineering, while always striving for perfect sound.

Audeze Assembly

Handcrafted manufacturing combined with advanced technology and materials creates incredibly precise and high-quality sounding headphones. For example, the membranes of these headphones are made of space-age material that is only 2 microns thick, with an innovative magnetic structure and voice coil design. These headphones can immerse the listener in a completely new world of music, full of rich detail, bass clarity and overall sound fidelity. Today, Audeze produces a family of top-end closed-back headphones in the LCD series (LCD-X, LCD-XC, LCD-3 LCD-4, as well as the EL-8 Titanium, EL-8 closed-Back, and EL-8 Open-Back models). Its compact on-ear headphones, the Audeze SINE, have won numerous awards, including Best Headphones of CES.

The company managed to design the world’s first in-ear magnetic planar headphones, the Audeze iSINE10 and Audeze iSINE20, for which it was awarded the “Innovation Award” at CES 2017 (“CES Innovations 2017 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree”).

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