The Swedish company Audio Pro was founded in 1978, and today is a leading European manufacturer of speaker systems and AV electronics for home use. Audio Pro products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world.


The Swedish company Audio Pro, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in the Hi-Fi acoustics market in 2017, has unique technological work in the field of creating acoustic systems for reproducing low frequencies. Audio Pro released its first active subwoofer back in 1978, largely determining the development of audio equipment in this class. It was then that the young Swedish engineer Karl-Erik Steil developed the revolutionary ACE-BASS technology, which made it possible to obtain deep and clear bass with the small size of the speaker system itself – the subwoofer.

Karl-Erik Steil 

Developed in 1978 on the basis of this technology, the Audio Pro B2-50 subwoofer became the first mass-produced device in its class, and one of the most famous products from Audio Pro. The Ace-Bass technology developed by Audio Pro allows you to get powerful and sophisticated low frequencies from compact speakers, so the Audio Pro acoustics, having an elegant design, sound surprisingly dynamic and rich.  All components of Audio Pro speaker systems are manufactured according to the company’s specifications, which allows us to achieve ideal quality of products.

Subwoofer Audio Pro B2-50 

If you ask Audio Pro speaker system owners what makes their system different from other manufacturers’ systems, you will get different answers. Many people talk about the wonderful clear sound of the bass or how great sound quality they got for their money. Some will put it more ephemerally: “it sounds so good… you just have to feel it!” It’s difficult to describe in words the listening experience. There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, but at the same time, human ears are amazingly complex mechanisms containing 20-30 thousand sensitive points that transmit all the nuances of a good sound to the brain. Use them and draw your own conclusions.

Portable speakers Audio Pro Addon series

Since its inception in 1978, Audio Pro has been dedicated to creating the best sounding speakers at the right price. Of course, it’s much easier to create good-sounding speakers without worrying about whether their final cost will be affordable to many audiophiles. However, Audio Pro believes that high-quality sound should be accessible to as many people as possible, and this approach is reflected in the company’s acoustics.  Currently, Audio Pro Sound of Scandinavia produces exclusively active acoustics, portable speakers, and multi-room speaker systems.

Advantages of Audio Pro speaker systems:

1. Excellent design that easily fits into the interior of modern apartments. 2. The design of the speakers in each series is ideal to ensure the most identical tonal balance, which is very important when building home theater systems of the DTS and Dolby Digital class. 3. High reliability of systems. In each package you will find a special insert confirming that the performance of this column has been tested. 4. Extensive experience in loudspeaker development. The subwoofers use the patented Ace-bass system, which makes it possible for small speakers to reproduce extremely deep and clear bass in small enclosures. 5. Best price/sound quality ratio. You will have to look for a cleaner and more powerful sound for too long – even at double the price.