In the 1950s, Dr. Amar Bose was a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an ordinary music lover. To reward himself for his good studies, after much deliberation, he purchased a new stereo system for his home in the hope that it could convey the realism of live music. Despite the high performance of these speakers, they did not sound at all what was expected of them.  At that moment, Amar Bose’s life path became predetermined. His goal is to create the best and most life-like sound possible.


BOSE Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar Bose, then a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As an MIT graduate in the 1950s, Dr. Bowes decided to purchase a new stereo system. He was disappointed that the high-performance speakers were unable to reproduce the realism of a live concert. Bose is a small speaker with big sound. Bose is a unique manufacturer of home and professional acoustics and electronics. The company has become famous for its high-performance technological solutions.

Everything produced under this brand is conceptual. And in everything: in setup, in control, in sound, in design. Our mission is simple: think about better solutions, create better products, help people enjoy the things they love. Everything we do is consistent with this mission and shows us the way. It began in 1964 when Dr. Bowes founded the company, and continues today with innovative and passionate people from all over the world.


We are a company driven by science, but we are driven by people. We think about how to make the music have the best impact. We understand what it means to be happy with products that work exactly the way you want them to. That is why we do not try to please the client, but take into account all wishes.  But perhaps the most important principle we live by is that innovation is not a destination, but a journey that requires new ideas from new people.

That’s why we invite creators, visionaries, dreamers and talented individuals from all disciplines to share their big ideas, passions and enthusiasm with Bose. See how you can be part of our innovation. Extensive research in the fields of loudspeaker design and psychoacoustics led to the creation in 1968 of the innovative 901 system with Direct/Reflecting technology. Thanks to this unprecedented approach, sound reproduction has become much closer to the natural and emotional sound of live music, which has earned it worldwide recognition.


The list of BOSE innovations continues to grow. Years of research have led to the development of acoustic waveguide technology found in our award-winning Wave radio, Wave music system and Acoustic Wave music system. Acoustimass technology has redefined the relationship between speaker size and sound, allowing palm-sized drivers to produce sound quality previously unimaginable from such small drivers. Auditioner’s audio presentation technology has made it possible to plan system sound design for stadiums and other large venues. This allowed builders, architects and managers to preview exactly what a BOSE system would sound like on their site before any equipment was installed, even while construction was still in the design phase.

BOSE Lifestyle systems provided an alternative to conventional component-based systems, offering a different approach to system design, based on new technological developments, ensuring that all components within the complete system – from the DVD player and amplifier to the sound system – worked perfectly without any restrictions imposed by industry standards or stereotypes of traditional thinking. A systematic approach has allowed BOSE to find numerous solutions for almost all areas of human activity. From BOSE integrated car sound systems to Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones. The revolutionary BOSE Automotive Suspension System and ElectroForce Linear Motion System are BOSE proprietary designs that allow mechanical components and associated software to work in harmony. Today, you can find BOSE wherever quality sound is important. From the Olympic Games to the Sistine Chapel. From NASA space shuttles to the National Theater of Japan. At home and on the road, in large stadiums, shops, restaurants and clubs, you can hear concert hall realism from the most respected leader in sound – BOSE.