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Cambridge Audio is a well-known company in the Hi-Fi market that established itself in 1994. It was this year that Audio Partnership PLC bought the Cambridge Audio name. The company itself was founded back in 1968 in the UK. In the village of Bar Hill, which is seven kilometers from the famous Cambridge.


The company was founded by graduates of this university. At first there was a name like Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL). The company decided to test itself in several areas of equipment production at once. Unfortunately, lack of funds did not allow us to achieve success anywhere except in the Hi-Fi segment. As a result, the company was sold to the American Arthur O’Little from Boston. In the 1970s, Cambridge Audio ended up in the hands of S. Hammond, and then S. Curtis. During this time, Cambridge Audio had multiple achievements in the hi-fi field. For example, its engineers began to use (one of the first!) the toroidal transformers they developed.

We emphasize that this strategy continues to operate to this day. The Cambridge Audio P40 stereo amplifier was the very first product, it perfectly suited the design concepts of the time. The high level of circuit technology allowed the company to take a leading position in British audio production. The P40 was replaced by the P50 amplifier, which was more powerful and also equipped with an active volume control that ensured low noise levels. This also helped equalize the levels between different inputs.


At the same time, several successful amplifiers were produced. For example, P60, P80 and P110. Despite some successes, the company’s engineers were constantly looking for and finding something new to generate additional profit.  The T50 was the company’s very first tuner designed to pair with the P50, providing class-leading access to radio stations. The Classic One model turned out to be very successful, which became the first high-quality Hi-Fi amplifier. It was made in a thin case. During this same period, Cambridge Audio became famous for its CD players. Thus, the CD1 was the very first two-component high-resolution CD player. The global audio community immediately recognized this disc player as the best.


And CD2 was the first player on the planet to resample the original signal by 16 times. For comparison, let’s say that at that time large international companies had technologies that made it possible to resample only 4 times. The company also has a serious heritage in the acoustic field. The proprietary “transmission line” acoustic design technology was used in the R50 floor-standing speakers. In 1994, the brand was bought by the British Audio Partnership PLC. And new times have come for Cambridge Audio. The company produced and sold over 250 thousand units of products per year. The brand has become one of the most famous hi-fi brands on the planet. Now Cambridge Audio is a big company. She is located in London. All models were developed by our own engineers. The products are manufactured in China.


In the 21st century, Cambridge Audio launched its most popular range of hi-fi and home cinema components, the Azur. Components of the Azur series have received the most authoritative awards from the world press. Other original innovations from the company include a music server for storing audio recordings on the 640H hard drive and the Incognito multi-room sound control system.