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Cary Audio Design
Cary Audio Design

Cary Audio Design

Cary Audio is one of the most respected manufacturers of Hi-Fi and High-End electronics from the United States of America.  Cary Audio Design began its activities in 1989. Its founders are husband and wife Dennis Head and Donna, who decided to open the company right at the dinner table. It is worth noting that from the age of seven, Dennis had a passion for electronics – then he and his friends began designing various types of tube amplifiers in order to find out which one would have the best sound.

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And while still a schoolboy, in 1957, Dennis received a blue ribbon for an amplifier he made himself. If not for this incident, who knows what profession this brilliant boy would have chosen. Thus, a youthful hobby from designing amplifiers grew into a profession and the work of a lifetime. He spent a lot of time studying the products and components of the leading companies at that time, and as a result, only in 1989 he decided to do his own thing, founding the company Cary Audio Design.

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Cary Audio Design CAD-300 SEI 

Cary Audio Design originally occupied 800 square feet of space in a small industrial area of ​​Cary, South Carolina. The first products released under the company’s name were the 100-watt monoblock amplifier CAD 100 and the passive linear preamplifier PD-1. And with only two models in hand, Dennis Head was able to organize a full-scale marketing campaign for his products in Stereophile magazine. The success of Cary Audio Design was determined by the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in 1990.

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Cary Audio Design CD-303T SACD

After the successful exhibition, sales began to grow constantly, resulting in a need for highly qualified personnel. Soon another enthusiast, Billy Wright, joins Dennis’ team. Since he was a competent financier, he took under his leadership the part of production that was most familiar to him, and placed the “creative” part at the complete disposal of Dennis Head. The talents of these two geniuses completely complemented each other, and the result was not long in coming – very soon Cary Audio rose to a completely new level in the Hi-End industry. Due to increased production and a catastrophic shortage of territory, in 1991 the company acquired another 800 square feet of land, but this turned out to be insufficient, and in subsequent years it expanded and expanded. So from 1992 to 2002, its territory increased from 5,400 square feet to 10 thousand.

Cary Audio CAD-211FE Power Tube Amplifier.jpg
Cary Audio Design CAD-211FE 

For more than twenty years of activity, Cary Audio has gained an influential position in the Hi-End and Hi-Fi products market. Starting with tube amplifiers, she was quickly able to apply her experience and expand the range to include CD and DVD players. When creating its products, the company uses not only its accumulated experience, but also finds new technical solutions that allow it to achieve maximum results. In reality, superb sound quality is combined with impeccable picture quality, a fusion that allows audio and film buffs to enjoy movies, concert recordings and multi-channel music. For the past 10 years, Cary Audio Design has divided its products into three series: Classic Series (includes audiophile products based on proven technologies and materials); Cinema Series (giving customers breathtaking audio and video home theater components that are easily and seamlessly compatible with any system); Concept Series (focuses on digital technology at affordable prices). Cary Audio is often called a leader in tube amplifiers, and the company continues to prove that this title is not in vain.

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