Peter Suchy founded his company in 1979 and still remains the main ideologist and soul of Clearaudio. The company uses technologies developed and patented by Peter Suchy. But Peter is not only an engineer. He is one of the most respected experts in the world of hi-fi, recording for Deutsche Grammophon and leading the way in what Suchy himself calls the “vinyl renaissance.”

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Clearaudio’s office, research center and production are located in Germany, in the forest near Nuremberg in a cozy building more reminiscent of a country house. For company founder Peter Suha and his daughter and sons, there is no clear line between family and business, home and office. Father – Peter Suche – is a key figure in the company. Thanks to his ingenuity, Clearaudio, founded many years ago, became what it is. He is a physicist by education, an engineer by occupation, and a vinyl-obsessed audiophile by life.

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Clearaudio Statement 

Clearaudio is a family business. And not only because the company has been owned and operated by members of the Suha family since its founding. The atmosphere in the company, which already employs 40 people, remains homely and relaxed. To experience it, you don’t have to fly to Germany. Just listen to any Clearaudio turntable with its characteristic sound – free, relaxed and very natural. This is exactly how things happen at Clearaudio. In its highly specialized business, producing vinyl players and all their accessories, Clearaudio has already managed to reach the pinnacle of recognition – the share of exports in turnover is 85%. The brand is known everywhere, its products are sold in 70 countries. The company has perhaps the longest model range in the industry. Prices for Clearaudio turntables start at $1,000 and end at around $120,000. And in each price segment, the company constantly offers something new. After the fantastic Statement, which completely changed the idea of ​​how a turntable can look and play, and the no less technologically interesting Golden Finger head, the company focused on the mid-range segment.

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Clearaudio GoldFinger 

Turntables and heads are presented in different price categories, from fairly simple and budget-friendly ones to very serious devices, including those equipped with tangential tonearms. The company also produces parts and players for third-party manufacturers. If you look for the distinctive features of Clearaudio technology, then you need to talk about the very wide use of acrylic in the construction of tables, carbon fiber in the construction of tonearms. At the same time, wood is used both in the design of the upper models of turntables and as the outer casings of pickup heads.  If we try to find a general approach to the design of turntables and tonearms, then as the main design feature of Clearauduo we can note the desire to eliminate as completely as possible all possible resonance phenomena, everything that in one way or another can be mixed with the sound of the medium itself – the record. Today, Clearaudio equipment is considered a recognized leader in the market of innovative equipment for audio and video systems. The company has patented more than 60 unique developments, thanks to which success in production has been achieved.

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Clearaudio Innovation 

The main rule of the company: “Quality in every detail.” These words are fully justified by the functionality and reliability of each model, which has been tested in practice by experts. Clearaudio engineers have developed the world’s smallest pickup coils, which are wound with gold wire using a special mechanized machine. Machines process tonearm parts. After the production of each element, a quality assessment is carried out according to the standards established by the company. The Clearaudio range is an exclusive design that, according to the world’s leading publications, is ahead of its time. Each design element is perfectly sized and optimized for increased functionality. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of High End components. Deliveries are made to different countries.

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Clearaudio Concept 

The use of Clearaudio devices will guarantee the creation of a system with bright and rich sound, the quality of which will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding critics. Every year the company releases new device models with updated technical characteristics and the introduction of advanced developments. Clearaudio equipment is the choice of everyone who values ​​practicality, durability, and excellent quality, which is expressed in every detail. Over the past 40 years, clearaudio has managed to write its name in the history of audio, and today all over the world!