The creation of the Esoteric brand in 1987 was predetermined by history itself; it could not fail to appear. The vast experience accumulated by TEAC and TASCAM over several decades, and the desire for excellence, inevitably led them to rise to the top. Esoteric is the embodiment of everything that is great about TEAC and TASCAM: a great love and deep understanding of music and, more importantly, a deep understanding of the mission and purpose of the equipment they create; impeccable, uncompromising quality and filigree precision of every millimeter of every detail; use of the highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies; sophistication, thoughtfulness and precision of every design line.


But Esoteric is not just the sum of all the listed components, Esoteric is a sum that is greater than its components; This is not just the best audio equipment, Esoteric is wisdom that is revealed only to the initiated, it is the highest point. Esoteric is one of the structural divisions of the Japanese company TEAC, specializing in the production of electronic equipment. The Esoteric brand produces high-tech audio system components that can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated audiophiles. Today, all Esoteric Audio products continue to be designed and manufactured exclusively in Japan.

Esoteric P-1/D-1

Among the first models introduced by the company in the late 1980s were the reference P-1/D-1 CD players, as well as the R-1 DAT recorder. Already in these systems the mechanics of VRDS – NEO were used. In 1997, Esoteric Audio released one of its most famous models, the P-0 CD transport. The equipment was equipped with a unique optical mechanism, which ensured the highest possible accuracy of data reading.

Esoteric P-0 

In 2003, the Esoteric UX-1 universal DVD players and X-01 CD players appeared on the market. Both models traditionally used VRDS-NEO mechanisms. Unlike many analogues, these players did not have a massive body, which made it possible to avoid resonance during high-speed disc playback.

Esoteric X-1 

In 2006, Esoteric engineers created the innovative VOSP (Vertically-aligned Optical Stability Platform) mechanism. It has found application in top-class Audio CD/CD and DVD playback systems. Today, all components used to create VRDS – NEO mechanics for digital converters, CD and DVD players, as well as other devices, undergo careful quality control. The unsurpassed performance of Esoteric audio equipment is made possible by intelligently integrating all elements into a single, highly efficient, synergistic design. To build the mechanics, van den Hul cables made of crystalline copper with silver coating are used, as well as patented steel triple supports with stabilizers. Esoteric continues to work to create the most advanced audiophile technology, capable of reproducing recordings with stunning accuracy and unique sound realism.

Esoteric Grandioso 

In 2013, Esoteric released the top-end Grandioso series, consisting of the Super Audio CD Transport P1 and digital-to-analog converter – monoblock D1, as well as the Grandioso C1 two-block preamplifier and the M1 mono power amplifier. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Esoteric brand, the company released several top components in a black finish in limited editions in 2017. Only 30 examples were handcrafted in the Tokyo factory to celebrate the 30th anniversary. The Limited Edition Black models are works of art that represent the excellence of modern Japanese audio technology and a rich heritage of craftsmanship.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 15.50.16.jpg
Esoteric – Limit d Edition Black