The interesting history of the German company HECO, a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic systems, began in 1949 with the development of speakers. The chosen path has stood the test of time – HECO acoustics have received recognition from even the most fastidious sound connoisseurs in different countries of the world. Quite a few speaker systems from this company have become legendary in the world of audio, and now it’s hard to imagine the truly glorious history of HECO without them.


The chosen path of development has stood the test of time with honor, bringing HECO recognition among sophisticated connoisseurs of authentic sound around the world. Many of the brand’s speaker systems have become true legends in the world of audio technology, and today it is impossible to imagine the glorious history of the company without them. Much has changed in audio technology over the past more than half a century. HECO’s leadership position today reflects not only a strong commitment to tradition, but also an openness to innovation. Like any true leader, the company is always ready to offer only the best products at every turn of the evolution of high-end audio equipment. The HECO brand comes from Hennel & Co. Mr. Hennel founded the company in the famous German region of Taunus in 1949. HECO began its activities with the development of speakers. Highlights of the history of the HECO company In 1951, at the dawn of its activity, the mighty “Orchester” Type C16” speaker was released, recognized as one of the best loudspeakers of that time.

Original working copy of HECO Ecklautsprecher 

Since the early 1950s, HECO speakers have been used in professional sound systems and therefore HECO speakers can be found in cinema and studio speakers from many well-known German companies. One of the first in the company’s history were two sets of HECO speaker systems: corner speakers – “HECO Ecklautsprecher” and perhaps the world’s very first flat wall-mounted Hi-Fi speakers “HECO Flachlautsprecher”: HECO corner speaker system with full-range speaker and AlNiCo magnet (early 1950 -s)

rosita Boxe Box 270 1978.jpg
HECO Rosita Boxe Box (1978)

In the 1970s, HECO established itself well among record companies with its new active studio monitors and thus became the main monitor supplier in Germany. HECO Aktiv 2000K have been the standard in professional studios for decades.

heco aktv 200 k.jpg
HECO Aktiv 2000K (1979)

In 1987, for its 40th anniversary, HECO released the Superior series speakers, which immediately became winners of many world tests among premium speakers. Thus, HECO is firmly established in the Hi-End class.

1987: HECO Superior 

1990: HECO Megaspace. HECO is one of the first to produce a set of speakers for multi-channel sound reproduction. 10 years later, HECO maintains its tradition and releases for its 50th anniversary the new flagship speakers HECO Anniversary, weighing 85 kg with 25 kg backfill bases.

1999: HECO Anniversary 

1992: HECO Car Audio. In the early 90s, HECO entered the Car-audio market with a series of car speakers such as Sprint, Sub Jet and Turbo amplifiers. 2005: HECO Celan. In 2005, Celan series speakers were released, which are still the best systems on the market in terms of price/sound quality ratio and are produced with some modifications to this day. 2008: HECO Aleva. Sophistication, talent, charm – these are the epithets that come to mind when talking about HECO Aleva speakers. Compact speakers with narrow cabinets with 5″ woofers and midrange drivers, elegantly fit into small rooms with a modern interior. These speakers served as the beginning of a whole series with the so-called Slim design. 2010: HECO Music Colors. Compact speakers with full-fledged sound HECO Music Colors 100, in addition to an attractive design with a piano lacquer finish, are distinguished by the front location of the FI, which allows them to be placed either near walls or built into furniture.Heco-historyHeco-history Time passes, HECO celebrates its 65th anniversary and remaining true to itself, gives us new magnificent Hi-End systems Concerto Grosso, representing a symbiosis of modern high technologies and long-term traditions and experience of the company!

 2014: HECO Concerto Grosso

Along with worldwide recognition, HECO’s achievements include countless awards from audio industry experts and the trade press, as well as victories in audio comparison tests. The combination of impeccable tradition, bold innovation and endless perfectionism results in outstanding products. Each new HECO line is developed taking into account many factors that influence the most reliable sound reproduction, and undergoes the most rigorous testing in the company’s own laboratory to obtain the most effective results. The company’s motto “Sophisticated Sound” is embodied in all HECO products. The technical standards for HECO loudspeaker systems are among the most stringent in the world, which is why the HECO name has been synonymous with innovative hi-fi technology for over 60 years. The goal that the company’s engineers and developers strive for is realistic sound of each octave, live reproduction of all frequencies, ideal sound for ideal relaxation.

heco (1).jpg
Heco – The Statement. 

Currently, HECO has completely updated its production program, significant changes have occurred in product design – the company’s manufacturers have focused on time-tested technologies: high-quality paper diffusers, AlNiCo alloy magnets, aluminum cast baskets – all these are indicators of commitment to the best traditions of creating acoustic systems . And of course, workmanship and amazing sound purity remain the constant priorities of any HECO brand acoustics. A number of reputable European specialized publications writing about zouk and video have repeatedly paid attention to the flagship acoustic system of the German company Heco – The Statement over the past year. Time-tested materials – the classic AlNiCo alloy, paper in the midrange driver – are in perfect harmony with cutting-edge technologies (for which it was awarded the +X Award for innovation) – nanoparticle treatment of the tweeter, three-cable connection, with the possibility of HF correction, etc. Add uncompromising quality of design and manufacturing – and we get great sound, absolutely falling under the concept of HI-END, at a very reasonable price.

 Heco – Direct. 

While most manufacturers prefer super-efficient magnets with rare earth metals (samarium, neodymium), Heco engineers returned to the classic AlNiCo alloy for mid-frequency drivers, which was used in the early, best Altec Lansing drivers. Their combination with lightweight paper diffusers can be considered not only a tribute to tradition, but also a serious bid for a beautiful and informative middle ground. Moreover, the mid-frequency loudspeaker is installed in a compartment with a PAS – an acoustic resistance panel (in English literature it is called an aperiodic membrane), which is considered one of the options for open acoustic design. The load for the diffuser is a semi-permeable barrier, in our case a dense fabric sandwiched between perforated panels, which dampens the rear radiation of the diffuser. Today, HECO speaker systems are used all over the world, and the company has become a real brand, whose products are highly valued by fans of excellent sound. Over the many years of history, equipment development technologies have been constantly improved, advanced developments have been introduced, and model designs have been transformed. The result of the work of specialists is elite acoustics, the sound of which is truly enchanting.

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