The first mention of Integra dates back to 1969, when the Japanese company Onkyo (a large electronics corporation founded in 1946) began offering the highest models of its Hi-Fi electronics under the Integra brand.


In the late eighties, a positive attitude towards home cinema formed in the minds of most consumers, and then the top models of AV receivers, amplifiers and Integra players gained authority among demanding connoisseurs of high-quality sound around the world.

integra drx r1.1.jpg
Integra DRX-R1.1 

At the turn of the century, a situation arose when three “Integras” simultaneously existed under the tutelage of Onkyo: the first – in the form of the senior line of the current Onkyo model range, the second – as an ambitious High-End project of Integra Research, the third – Integra itself, as an independent brand focused to solve installation problems. During those years, Onkyo stopped using the Integra name for its current products; a few years later, the Integra Research project also closed (production of these components has now completely ceased). Thus, the official date of birth of Integra is 1999.

integra drx 7.jpg
Integra DRX-7

All these steps were taken to free up the field of activity and not to interfere with the rapid development of the brand, the emergence of which, first of all, was associated with the rapid growth of the market for custom AV installations.  However, the birth of the new “Integra” was due not only to current market demands. It was largely initiated by the creative energy of the developers and the business activity of Onkyo’s leading specialists. It seems as if the fruitful ideas of these searching people are sometimes cramped even within such a large corporation.

INTEGRA DTR-20.7.jpg
Integra DTR-20.7  

So, the beginning of the 21st century was the era of the formation of the Integra brand in the form in which we know it today – ultra-modern multi-channel Premium-class AV electronics with advanced network functions, primarily designed to solve installation problems. Integra, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2009, continues to grow as a designer and supplier of specialty products built on the quality of Onkyo’s finest products.

INTEGRA DTR-30.6.jpg
Integra DTR-30.6  

Of course, when creating Onkyo network AV receivers, multi-channel amplifiers, Blu-Ray and Integra media players, the scientific and technical potential and highest achievements of the parent company are used. At the same time, each Integra model is one step ahead: the capabilities of integrated control are significantly expanded, network functions and advanced installation technologies are more fully presented, including remote configuration and software updating via the Internet. We can say that today the Integra brand fully lives up to its name, as a unique project for system integrators, professional installers and demanding audio connoisseurs. Integra’s main goal is better sound and better picture. To achieve this goal, the company invites not just good engineers to the development team, but true fans of their business. They are provided with all the conditions for creativity, the most modern measurement laboratories, the best components and materials… This is how Integra AV components are born.

INTEGRA DTR-60.7.jpg
Integra DTR-60.7 

When selecting a receiver, some buyers find it difficult to choose between similar models with the Onkyo and Integra logos. In fact, these brands are owned by the same corporation, developed by the same specialists and assembled in a uniform way from high-quality components.