Since 1985, all Lyra products have been developed and manufactured by Lyra Co., Ltd in Japan. The company’s main focus is products for playing vinyl records. The list of products includes a line of MC pickups, MC step-up transformers, as well as a number of other accessories.


The company’s products are based on the designs and concepts of Jonathan Carr, and each model is individually modified by Yoshinori Mishima, who directly manufactures and tunes each head. The years of the company’s existence have not been in vain; many manufacturers of vinyl record players and music lovers have successfully used its products. Lyra’s product range at the beginning of 2018: Lyra Delos replaces the Argo i model, which has won many fans. The sound character of Delos is reminiscent of another model, the much more expensive SKALA. Subject to grueling hours of testing, this microridge stylus head delivers superb resolution, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, low groove wear, and significantly reduces the audible noise associated with playing damaged discs. In addition, Delos uses a new asymmetrical absorption system, designed to ensure that the coils are strictly parallel to the front and rear magnets during playback.

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Lyra Kleos – MC type head. Despite the fact that the Lyra Kleos head belongs to the lower price category, its main feature is the sound quality, which is quite a bit inferior to heads from higher price categories. The head is equipped with a boron cantilever and a stylus with the Lyra original line-contact sharpening, which are installed on more expensive pickups. The head body is made of stressed materials and has non-parallel surfaces, which reduces internal resonances.

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The Lyra Etna MC pickup is one of the best. This cartridge will allow you to hear the very best from your wonderful vinyl collection.
Lyra Etna cartridge designed by Jonathan Carr, first shown at the Munich High End Show in May 2013. The Lyra company uses a unique development to remove resonance. Not just reduce resonance, but remove it completely. The Lyra Etna MC pickup has exceptional clarity, no distortion, and amazing accuracy. It’s simply a work of art. Musical instrument. And ultimately the MC cartridge.

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A distinctive feature of the Lyra brand’s flagship Atlas MC pickup is the original asymmetrical arrangement of the magnetic system relative to the vertical axis of the cartridge. This solution has several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to effectively suppress the formation of standing waves in the body, and secondly, it directly mechanically connects the stylus and needle holder with the tonearm platform, which contributes to the rapid removal and attenuation of vibrations. The body of the new product, traditionally for products of a Japanese company, is machined from a single piece of aluminum, and the magnetic system includes two separate magnets. The coils are wound with oxygen-free copper wire on a cross-shaped core made of highly purified iron.

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Conversion efficiency has also been improved, resulting in a 12% increase in head sensitivity to 0.56 mV compared to the Titan model, with a 22% reduction in the number of turns. The Lyra Atlas uses a complexly ground diamond with radii of 3 and 70 microns, mounted on a diamond-coated boron needle holder.

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