In 1973, a small company was created in Cologne (Germany), with a staff of no more than 60 people. The company was founded by Rainer Haas, and it had everything necessary for the production of audio equipment: in-house production, a research laboratory and a marketing department.
A number of completely new approaches to the creation of acoustic systems, in particular, All Ribbon technology, acoustics with plasma drivers and solid aluminum baskets, which appeared in the 70s, ensured Magnat’s international recognition in the Hi-Fi industry.


In the 80s, Magnat entered the market for mobile audio systems: at that time, audio components for cars had just appeared on the market. The first thing the company did was to launch the production of audio amplifiers and acoustics for this area. The company has received worldwide recognition and numerous Hi-Fi awards in two areas at once – audio systems for cars and audio systems for home theaters.
In the 90s the company moved from Cologne to Pulheim-Brauweiler. Within the new walls, Magnat engineers fulfilled their long-cherished desire – to create five equipment testing studios at once, where they can use the most modern metrological equipment, such as, for example, the Klipel laser measuring system. At the end of 1996, to strengthen its presence in the international market, the company merged with an overseas partner – American Ricoton Corporation. The merger of two international brands has borne fruit – the range of products that enjoy significant success in the market has increased. It should be noted that, following Magnat, other companies did the same – the familiar MacAudio, Heco, Phase Linear…

Magnat CAR 5 

During the years of the company’s presence in Pulheim, a whole galaxy of legendary products emerged from the walls of the laboratories, which over three decades were able to accomplish the difficult task of making Magnat synonymous with high-tech Hi-Fi equipment.
2003, a year of new developments, was marked by the creation of even more powerful audio systems, such as, for example, an active subwoofer with a digital amplifier. In the same year, Magnat increased its production potential by merging with the American corporation Audiovox, one of the leading US companies in the field of multimedia and communications for show business. Since the beginning of 2004, Magnat has been successfully promoting Audiovox multimedia products in Germany and Europe. Thirty years ago, the enthusiasts who founded Magnat were dedicated to a single goal: creating high-quality audio reproduction systems. It should be especially emphasized that up to the present day all Magnat products are developed in the laboratories of the company’s central office in Pulheim, near Cologne (Germany). This is the only way to guarantee the unsurpassed quality of Magnat products. The company’s life position is to constantly analyze and improve, and to do this even in relation to what has already been done well. This approach allows Magnat to constantly occupy a leading position in the audio industry. Quality and innovation – these principles best symbolize the corporate spirit of the company. The special attitude of every employee of the company to the attractive power of reliable music reproduction is obvious to anyone who has at least once experienced the high class of Magnat speaker systems.

Magnat Box Site  

Currently, occupying a leading position in the world as a manufacturer of the most advanced high-quality audio equipment, Magnat offers a wide range of speaker systems, which are represented in more than 50 countries. All of these are Hi-End products – from small-sized systems installed on bookshelves, and ultra-compact home theater systems, to the highest class floor-standing speakers. Each of the listed areas is a plot for a separate big story. A list of awards, test wins and industry standard certifications are all inextricably linked to the company’s history. However, each of these events continues to be exciting and interesting even today. Some ideas have become fundamental and have taken a leading position among the most advanced technologies in the industry – this is another confirmation of the successful research activities carried out by Magnat. And all this serves one single purpose – to shock, inspire and excite our customers and listeners with the phenomenon of high-quality audio equipment for fantastically demanding audiophiles.  More than twenty years have passed since Magnat presented its sensational development – omnidirectional tweeters (they appeared after the first triphonic systems – a subwoofer plus satellite speakers). At the same time, innovative developments have continued and continue to the present day, radically influencing the state of the industry. Take, for example, the very recent unforgettable launch of the Vintage 990 system. This is undeniable evidence that Magnat is always in “good shape” and is ready to offer something new and innovative, pushing the boundaries of audio technology. Magnat will continue to work on improving acoustics, using both the latest testing techniques and production technologies. And the result will definitely not take long to arrive.

Magnat Magnasphere Gamma.jpg
Magnat Magnasphere Gamma 

Our credo is to create electronic equipment based on our own developments. Typically, standard speakers designed for general use are unable to convey either the aura of a piece of music or the maximum level of quality. That’s why we create our own subwoofers, midrange speakers, tweeters and other technological components ourselves, using them exclusively in products bearing the Magnat brand. Developments of the highest level, such as a neodynamic subwoofer, F-Max tweeter and Quantum 900 terminals are the latest word in the audio reproduction and acoustics industry, a reflection of the special approaches of the company’s engineers to solving technical problems. Decades of development experience and an absolute determination to constantly create new and better are a reliable guarantee of excellent compatibility, or rather complete harmony, of all components used. The birth of a new product in the field of sound reproduction, of course, begins with an idea that arises from inspiration and subject to professional experience. At the same time, inspiration draws strength from an emotional experience – exactly the same as what you experience in the hall at a piano concert. And experience, in turn, makes it possible to turn an idea into a concrete project. At the beginning of each project, sketches and fragments of vision are combined with ideas, engineering solutions and experience in advanced technologies, knowledge of materials science and the ability to organize efficient production. The qualifications of Magnat development engineers help to identify a huge number of important parameters, and to do this long before the first full-scale tests. All this makes it possible to more accurately implement the idea. And now, finally, everything is ready to create the first model – fuzzy sketches turned into a working model, and laboratory research gave the necessary recommendations for preparing mass production.

Magnat Vintage 990.jpg
Magnat Vintage 990 

The design of a speaker system must obey the laws of physics. Test methods must be strictly scientific, and laboratory equipment must be of the utmost perfection. Magnat uses expensive measurement technologies and computer simulations to develop its basic elements and upgrade them. At the outset, for example, the Klipel laser system makes it possible to measure the dynamic range of acoustics in real time. Speaker system performance is determined not only for simple test signals (tones, low sound pressure level), but also under extreme conditions. It also uses pulse signals that simulate fragments of real music and speech. As a natural addition to measuring technologies, preliminary expert assessments are also used, which are necessarily confirmed by metrological research data. All this allows you to see how well the speaker system behaves when playing a real soundtrack.

Magnat quantum signature.jpg
Magnat Quantum Signature 

The most important quality check is the listening test (sound quality assessment): after the development of the speaker system and before sending it into production, each prototype is subjected to this test. Testing is carried out in rooms of varying size and acoustic parameters, with electronic components of different price categories: from budget models of amplification equipment to reference-level electronics. After this, a final decision is made regarding the future fate of the product. In one case, it is accepted for production and will meet all the requirements, class and status of Magnat systems. In another, the speaker system may be sent for revision, or rejected and rejected altogether. However, even after the release has been approved, the principle of high quality still actively influences the product, including in the serial production phase during ongoing quality checks. Absolutely all of our divisions, including the research laboratory, the main production in Pulheim, as well as the finished products department, have been certified for compliance with the ISO-9001:2000 quality standard. This standard is extremely rare in the loudspeaker sector. In addition, numerous international awards and the results of successful testing by experts from leading specialized publications serve as proof of our professional competence.