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Psb Speakers is a Canadian manufacturer of speaker systems since 1972, for both home and professional use, with recognizable design and unsurpassed sound. For those familiar with the acronym PSB (Paul & Sue Barton), it may well stand for great sound. For many years, countless people in the audio industry, both casual and professional, have associated PSB loudspeakers with founder, chief developer and designer Paul Barton and his love and passion for music and loudspeakers.


Looking back into PSB’s history, it was an admiration for natural musical sounds that led Paul Barton to found PSB. Today it is no longer a small enterprise employing a few people, as it was in the beginning, today PSB Speakers International is a much larger team of professionals who are the basis of the company’s success today. Today, PSB presents its products and delights music lovers around the world, through almost 50 distributors and about 1000 dealers. PSB Speakers International, founded by Paul Barton, is a company that is entirely dedicated to audio. PSB takes its name from the first letters of its founders, husband and wife team Paul and Sue Barton, whose vision was to create the very best loudspeaker systems. Back in the late 60s, Paul Barton, then an 11-year-old boy, was already very interested in music and its sound. He enjoyed playing the violin – one that his father actually made in his woodworking shop. Paul and his father, recognizing that the speakers at the time did not sound as good as they would have liked and did not convey the natural sound of musical instruments, went to their workshop with the goal of creating their own speaker systems. So, in this small workshop, Paul and his father began making their own acoustics. By the time Paul was in high school, he was already selling his own speaker systems, which he designed and manufactured himself in his father’s workshop. So the history of PSB began long before 1972, and the seventy-second was only the year the company was officially registered.

PSB Founder – Paul Barton 

The PSB Speakers logo is also Paul’s creation. He drew it in a geography lesson in the eleventh grade, where he sat at the same desk with his future wife Sue. From that moment the whole story began… Currently, PSB Speakers International is located in Ontario (Canada), and is engaged in the development and design of acoustic systems. Today, PSB is a renowned and respected leader in the consumer and professional audio industries, creating a wide range of high-quality speaker systems for music and home cinema. PSB is a successful collaboration between founder and chief designer Paul Barton and the rest of the company’s team. This team constantly brings to the market more and more new products that can be fully called innovative. To remain relevant and relevant, PSB has developed its own partnerships with leading industrial designers and manufacturing engineers to support all of the company’s innovative developments.


One of the things the PSB developers talk about is their dedication to psychoacoustics research. PSB’s connection with the NRC (National Research Council) is their springboard for creating high quality and reliable speaker systems. The NRC was established in 1916 in Ottawa, Canada, and is a scientific center that offers a knowledge base of physical resources and many research developments for PSB and many other Canadian companies, but PSB was the first to use the full potential of the NRC for the development of acoustic systems This experience is PSB’s biggest advantage, and the way they use the scientific data that the NRC collects, and how they use all that data to produce their own speakers, seriously sets them apart from other manufacturers. The National Research Council allows PSB to focus on its core mission: the design and development of superior loudspeaker systems.


PSB has always designed and will always produce loudspeaker systems that are true to the nature of natural sound. Without adding anything to what is in the music, and without making any changes to the natural sound of musical instruments. And this is what loudspeakers should be. It should be a window to what you see or hear just like glass is how you see through it, without tint or any coloring, which are sometimes spectacular, sometimes better than life, but they are not natural. PSP’s goal is to create speaker systems with the most natural sound possible. PSB Speakers are the ideal choice for the modern home audio consumer. PSB offers a wide range of high-quality products, including Synchrony, Imagine, Image and Alpha series loudspeakers, various types of built-in acoustics, for all kinds of room sound solutions. Thanks to this, you’re sure to find a speaker system that’s perfect for your music or movie listening preferences, the size of your listening room, or even your entire home.

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