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The stories of companies producing hi-fi equipment are very similar to each other in about half the cases. As a rule, they feature a certain “Mr. X”, who, being a professional (non-professional) musician, has been looking for audio equipment since childhood that would have sound characteristics that correspond to his high musical taste. Having spent half his life unsuccessfully searching for his own sound, “Mr. engineering knowledge acquired while studying in college, and a workshop equipped in the garage (in the barn, in the backyard of the house, in the kitchen… – underline what is appropriate). Just for fun, look through the stories published on the websites of hi-fi manufacturers, including the largest ones that have received international recognition, and you will be surprised how much they will have in common with this comic story. We think that in fact, all these stories do not have much in common with reality (although, of course, there are exceptions). This is just marketing – people are accustomed to the fact that a hi-fi brand should start with a workshop equipped in the garage of a professional musician, so why disappoint their expectations?

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The young English company Q Acoustics does not make up such stories about itself. The company’s philosophy is fully consistent with the marketing approach of the 21st century. Q Acoustics was created to make a profit. The tool for making a profit is the production of acoustic systems that have excellent sound, but at the same time cost much less than competitors. Q Acoustics is part of the English Armor Group, which owns a number of brands (for example, QED, Alphason, etc.), and is also the exclusive distributor of a number of the world’s leading brands in the UK. Q Acoustics owes its existence to a man named Tony Jones. It was he who managed to accomplish the almost impossible, namely, to convince the management of the Armor Group company, which experienced quite understandable skepticism about the need for the birth of another brand of speaker systems. Obviously, Tony Jones has a great gift of persuasion, in addition, he probably had absolute confidence in the success of Q Acoustics, because after much debate and discussion, the go-ahead for the creation of Q Acoustics was given.


With an extraordinary knowledge of not only how to make loudspeaker systems, but also how to sell them, Tony Jones, who had previously held a senior position at Mission, began by developing a strategy for the new company. At the same time, he faced a certain problem, which is that the new brand does not have a history (that same musician in the garage) and previous experience that would help position itself in the market and create a so-called sound philosophy. However, Tony Jones decided that this problem could be seen as an advantage. The absence of history and previous experience, which dictate their terms and drive the brand into a certain framework, allowed him to start almost from scratch. Note that Q Acoustics never had a sufficient marketing budget to generate demand from the end consumer. Add to this a complete lack of history (i.e. the company cannot use phrases like: “We made the world’s first high-end amplifier for $200” or “Our bookshelf acoustic monitors sold a total of one and a half million copies”) for its promotion) and Any professional marketer who would be given the task of promoting this brand would give up in despair. Obviously, Tony Jones is not a professional marketer, since he was able to find the only correct strategy that led the company to success in the shortest possible time. This strategy – producing the highest quality speakers at the lowest cost – looks very simple on paper. But you must admit, if everything were so simple, then other companies would have adopted it long ago, including the “big guys” who have been producing acoustics for many decades and, it would seem, know everything about it.


Q Acoustics benefited greatly from Armor Group’s business knowledge and strong network of dealers and national distributors. Those. From a business point of view, the company was able to get off to a good start almost immediately and survive a difficult period when investments in the brand significantly exceeded the return on sales. Speaking directly about the quality of Q Acoustics speaker systems, the world’s best engineers and industrial designers working in the field of audio electronics were hired to design them. We also note that each of the Q Acoustics speakers was developed almost from scratch. From the point of view of their design, Q Acoustics acoustic systems are the most common – there are no unique materials or super-original technological solutions. The only point that you pay attention to when getting to know these speakers is that the design, technology, and materials used in Q Acoustics speakers, as a rule, are used by other manufacturers only in much more expensive models. Every detail in Q Acoustics is optimized to perform in that specific model. Tweeters, midrange/woofers, magnets, crossovers, switching terminals, and the speaker cabinets themselves are designed to achieve one single goal – reproducing high-quality sound with the minimum possible distortion.


When describing the advantages of Q Acoustics, we can confidently add the words “in this price category” at the end of each phrase. Indeed, the English company does not claim to produce the world’s best speaker systems, but at the same time has the courage to claim that it produces the world’s best speaker systems in this price category. Q Acoustics speakers have everything you need for those who are assembling an inexpensive audio system for themselves. These speakers sound great and look great. The build quality of the speaker systems and the manufacturer’s attention to detail are impressive. In particular, the Q Acoustics speaker switching terminals are located at the bottom of the speakers, allowing you to hide out of sight the acoustic wires, which very often irritate the fair half of humanity, contradicting their developed sense of beauty.


Like most modern audio-video equipment manufacturers, Q Acoustics manufactures its speaker systems in a factory in China. This, in fact, allows the company to keep prices for its products at a more than acceptable level. At the same time, Q Acoustics has a dedicated staff of its own employees who are constantly present in production and constantly monitor the quality of products. That is why the quality of the manufactured speaker systems is not only not inferior to speakers made in Europe, but also superior to them. Cheaper labor and, therefore, the entire assembly process make it possible not to skimp on quality control, devoting as much time to it as needed.


If we talk about the secret of the success of the Q Acoustics company, which allowed it to quickly establish the production of high-quality and inexpensive speaker systems that have received the widest recognition of ordinary buyers and professional audio experts around the world, then I would like to first of all note the clear understanding of all employees of the company without exception the fact that they must produce speakers that are better and cheaper than the competition. All employees have the highest intention and effective motivation to achieve success. In addition to this key factor, factors such as luck and Q Acoustics being “in the right place at the right time” should not be underestimated. Finally, and paradoxically, Q Acoustics’ success is largely due to the airline Rayanair, which allows the company’s staff to fly very easily and inexpensively from the UK office in Stansted to Düsseldorf, where the German engineers and developers of Q Acoustics are based!