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Air Tight ATM-1E 2024 Edition
Air Tight ATM-1E 2024 Edition
Air Tight ATM-1E 2024 Edition

Air Tight ATM-1E 2024 Edition: Tube power amplifier with EL34 tubes

Air Tight introduced its inaugural amplifier 38 years ago, featuring the ATM-1, a stereo power amplifier with EL34 tubes in a push-pull configuration. This was succeeded by the ATM-1S, which remained in production until 2023. The ATM-1E 2024 Edition represents the most recent advancement of the ATM-1 concept and is the culmination of nearly four decades of expertise.

Air Tight ATM-1E

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The ATM-1E received output transformers and choke from the renowned Tamura and internally the amplifier received a completely new construction including a new accurate bias meter with independent bias control on top of the chassis.

Air Tight has a unique approach to design. Most tube amplifier designers design an audio circuit and then choose the tube that best suits it. Air Tight does it the other way around. First, a tube is chosen with the desired musical characteristics, then a circuit is built around it that best serves the tube. According to the manufacturer, this is one of the reasons why Air Tight amplifiers sound so pure and lively.

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The Air Tight philosophy dictates that building a great amplifier takes time, constantly refining the design for the ultimate expression of that tube. The ATM-1E is a unique design that underlines the brand’s heritage, credibility and audiophile performance with a touch of nostalgia and has the power to reproduce music with a natural timbre and a glow that illuminates every note, word and passage from within. “If you no longer want to listen to your intellectual critic and just want to experience and enjoy music, the ATM-1E is the amplifier for you,” according to Dutch importer Mafico.

The Air Tight ATM-1E measures 365 x 305 x 225 millimeters (W x D x H) and at the top of the 21.5 kilogram chassis are seven tubes, i.e. 4 x EL34, 2 x 6CG7 (or 6FQ7) and 1 x 12AT7 (or ECC81). The specified output power is 35 watts per channel (THD less than 5%) and the frequency response is from 20 Hz to 30 kHz (-1 dB / 30 watts).

Air Tight ATM-1E: price and delivery information

The ATM-1E is now available for a suggested retail price of 9,950 euros

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