Arcam SA10
Arcam SA10
Arcam SA10

Arcam SA10: Class A/B integrated amplifier

The Arcam SA10 integrated amplifier belongs to class A/B. This model has a power of 50 W with a resistance of 8 ohms. The Arcam SA10 amplifier features an ESS9016K2M DAC for direct connection of digital sources and for optimal low jitter performance. Arcam SA10 also features the latest backlit infrared remote control and can also be controlled via IP via the ARCAM IOS app, MusicLife or RS232.

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The Arcam SA10 low-end integrated stereo amplifier is designed to the same high quality standards as other models in this series. In areas of the amplifier circuit that are important from the point of view of sound quality, only selected components are used that have passed all stages of quality control in the company’s laboratories. The layout of the printed circuit boards and the placement of elements on them have also been optimized using computer simulation to reduce the length of the audio signal path and eliminate crosstalk.

The power supply in the Arcam SA10 amplifier is built on the basis of a toroidal transformer, characterized by a low level of electromagnetic interference, and the power circuits of various circuits are isolated from each other. The amplifier’s output stages deliver 2 x 50 W of power when driving 8-ohm speakers, and have significant current headroom for good compatibility even with loads with complex impedance characteristics. The device is manufactured in a metal case on an anti-resonance chassis, and has a metal front panel.

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On the front panel of the amplifier there are buttons for direct selection of the signal source, as well as control of all functions, so if necessary, you can do without a remote control to work with Arcam SA10. In addition, there is an input for connecting a portable player and an output for stereo headphones.

Arcam SA10 has inputs for five linear signal sources, an input for the MM pickup of a vinyl disc player. The latter is connected to a built-in phono preamplifier, which has a very low level of self-noise and provides sound quality at the level of good external devices. The SA10 amplifier is also equipped with 3 digital inputs (2 x SPDIF and 1 optical).


The best way to control streaming on Arcam SA10 is to use a dedicated application for your smartphone or tablet. In principle, you can use any UPnP software player, but it is better to install the proprietary Arcam MusicLife UPnP application, available for iOS devices. Of course, in order to use a smartphone or tablet as an advanced remote control, you need to ensure that the player and gadget are connected to the same computer network. In addition, after being integrated into a computer network with Internet access, Arcam SA10 can receive broadcasts of Internet radio stations.

Characteristics of Arcam SA10

Output power 2 x 50 W (8 Ohms)
Harmonic distortion 0.003%
Inputs linear Aux (3.5 mm, front panel), 3 linear RCA, MM phono preamp connectors (can be switched to line input mode), optical, 2 coaxial, LAN interface
Pre Out outputs (RCA), headphone jack (3.5 mm)
Other switching RS-232, USB port for software update and power supply for additional equipment (5 V/100 mA), ground terminal
Speaker outputs 4 screw terminals
Power consumption 350 W
Remote control universal, teachable, with backlit keys
Weight 10.2 kg