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Audio Analogue ABsolute Monoblock
Audio Analogue ABsolute Monoblock
Audio Analogue ABsolute Monoblock

Audio Analogue ABsolute Monoblock: 100 Watt class A mono power amplifier

Audio Analogue has introduced the ABsolute Monoblock, a mono power amplifier weighing 72 kilograms that can produce 100 watts of Class A power into an eight-ohm speaker impedance. The company guarantees a substantial and quick power reserve, along with the sophistication and tonal quality characteristic of Class A amplifiers.

Audio Analogue ABsolute Monoblock: Flagship Class A power amplifier

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The ABsolute Monoblock is the new flagship power amplifier from the Italian manufacturer Audio Analogue . The ABsolute Monoblock is large, i.e. 330 x 520 x 500 millimeters (H x W x D) and weighs 72 kilograms. The manufacturer recommends a free installation because the ABsolute Monoblock gets warm during use. This is normal for a class A power amplifier. The heat is well distributed over the components because the output stages (two bridged) are equipped with a total of twelve pairs of transistors that can handle 200 watts each. The transistors are therefore not heavily loaded and continue to work well within their limits.

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The basis of the power supply is a very large toroidal transformer that was specially designed for this amplifier. The topology is completely symmetrical and completely free of feedback. The ABsolute Monoblock can deliver 100 watts class A into eight ohms and draws 370 watts from the wall socket, even when no music is playing. Class A is not an energy-efficient amplification technique. The low distortion and noise and the linear reproduction over the entire frequency range are the strong points of class A amplifiers.

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Audio Analogue has used only high quality components. Resistors are of military quality, i.e. not or less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and the capacitors are specially developed for high quality hifi components.

The ABsolute Monoblock has one XLR input with an input impedance of 47 kOhm. Apart from an on/off button, there are no further controls. The upper end of the frequency range extends to 200 kHz (8 Ohm / 1 Watt / -3 dB) and at full power the S/N ratio is 110 dB.

The ABsolute Monoblock can be delivered in a silver and black version. The price has not yet been announced.

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