Bowers & Wilkins CDA-4D: Compact and powerful 4-channel power amplifier

The Bowers & Wilkins CDA-4D stands out as a high-performance, compact 4-channel hi-fi power amplifier, crafted by the globally acclaimed British audio company specializing in speakers. It’s ingeniously designed for powering built-in speakers and potentially a subwoofer, making it ideal for smaller setups or multi-zone audio systems where premium sound quality is essential. Leveraging advanced ICEpower amplifier technology, it boasts an impressive 125 watts per channel, ensuring it can enhance the performance of high-quality built-in speakers, including those from Bowers & Wilkins or the Danish brand DALI.

This amplifier features four audio channels, enabling the operation of two stereo speaker pairs with exceptional hi-fi clarity. For those seeking additional power, the device allows for channel bridging, doubling the output to 250 watts per channel in 8 ohm mono configuration. This setup is perfect for powering a robust pair of in-wall speakers or a combination of speakers and one of B&W’s compatible passive subwoofers, offering configurations like 2 x 250 watts or 2 x 125 watts plus 1 x 250 watts.

As a dedicated installation amplifier, the Bowers & Wilkins CDA-4D was meticulously designed for custom installation applications, prioritizing flexibility and stability. Its connections are optimized for seamless integration, and with its digital signal processing (DSP) and user-friendly web interface, users can tailor their audio experience to achieve perfect sound in every room. It includes specialized DSP settings for B&W subwoofer models ISW-3, ISW-4, and ISW-6, featuring Dynamic EQ and limiters for each. Its efficient ICEpower Class D design not only delivers exceptional power but also operates cooler and more efficiently than traditional amplifiers, benefiting both the environment and your energy costs.

Available in a sleek black finish, the CDA-4D is equipped with convenient features like 12V trigger input/output and signal-based automatic activation, allowing for discreet placement, such as within a cabinet, provided there’s adequate ventilation. It automatically powers down after approximately 15 minutes of inactivity. Its Phoenix-type speaker terminals and included multi-connector simplify the cable setup, facilitating quick connections or disconnections. This thoughtful design extends to integrated fan cooling, ensuring reliable performance under intense use without the risk of overheating, underscoring the CDA-4D’s optimized design for embedded installations.


  • Good hi-fi sound quality, even with long cables
  • Stereo channels can be bridged for even higher power
  • Moderate power consumption and heat development in relation to the performance
  • Both digital and analog audio input
  • 12V trigger in/out / automatic switch-on on signal (can be disabled)
  • Web interface for configuration and sound settings
  • Phoenix speaker terminals (multi-connector) for easy connection
  • Compact design (1U rack height)
  • Rack handles are included for easy installation in technical cabinets and rack systems
  • Integrated fan cooling


  • No connection of extra power stage on pre-out
  • Not as flexible as some solutions with multiple audio channels
  • No mechanical switch on the front