Copland CTA-305: Preamplifier featuring extensive switching capabilities

Copland CTA-305
Copland CTA-305

Designed to be the center of a high-end audio system, the Copland CTA 305 amplifier features extensive switching capabilities, featuring five line inputs, including a Tape Monitor Loop input (and output) for tape recorders, as well as an RIAA Phono equalized input for phono cartridges. MM or MS. In addition to amplifying the signal several times and switching input sources, the main purpose of the preamplifier is to control the signal level and match the impedances of the signal source and the power amplifier.

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The amplification section of the Copland CTA 305 is built on reliable 6922 tubes with low noise levels, providing high input impedance. On the other hand, the output impedance is low, which allows you to be less demanding on the electrical characteristics of the connecting cable and connect to a power amplifier with an input impedance from several thousand to a million ohms.

Exceptional quality polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors are used in the Copland CTA 305 signal circuits. These capacitors eliminate the blurring of audio detail due to dielectric losses and dynamic changes associated with conventional traditional capacitors. Tight tolerance film resistors provide high accuracy and long-term stability.

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A stabilized power supply with near-zero output resistance provides the amplifier circuits with a stable voltage. Thanks to this, the operating modes of the tubes that process audio signals are completely stable in terms of direct current, and are free from fluctuations in the alternating current network.

The Copland CTA 305 preamplifier uses an electric motor drive for precise sound control and can be fully controlled from a Copland remote control. For vinyl enthusiasts, this amplifier allows them to hear more nuance in their favorite recordings.

Characteristics of Copland CTA 305

Lamps: 12AX7 (2 pcs.), 6922 (2 pcs.)
Output voltage: Nom. 2V, max. 40V
Frequency response: 10Hz-100kHz (+0, -1dB)
THD: Phono: <0.1% (Output 1V)
CD: <0.1% (Output 1V)
Input sensitivity: Phono: 2.7mV (Output 1B)
CD, line: 300 mV (Output 1V)
Input impedance: Phono: 47 kOhm (Output 1V)
CD, line: 50 kOhm (Output 1V)
Output impedance: < 600 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio: Phono: > 80 dB
CD , line: > 95 dB
Power consumption: 40 W
Supply voltage: 115V or 220V.
Factory set according to country of destination
Supply voltage tolerance: +/- 12%
Dimensions (mm): 430 (W), 86 (H), 390 (D)
Weight (packaged): 7 kg

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