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Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier
Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier
Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier

Dense Home Smart Audio Amplifier is a sleek and compact D-Class Integrated Amplifier

Dense has recently unveiled their latest project, the Home Smart Audio integrated amplifier, on Kickstarter. This innovative device is designed to fit seamlessly on an A4 paper sheet, with ample space to spare. This marks the second addition to Dense’s portfolio, following the successful launch of their Dense Adapt Reference DAC headphone amplifier.

The Dense Home Smart Audio boasts an on-board DAC, equipped with an ESS chipset that can receive signals from two USB-C connectors. Notably, this amplifier also offers a USB to HDMI conversion function, making it an excellent companion for your television.


Dense Home Smart Audio endpoints utilize Burr-Brown components for optimal performance. These class D modules prioritize efficiency and eco-friendliness, reflecting the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability.


The Dense Home Smart Audio system provides 35W in each stereo channel or 70W in bridged mode. With the Dense StereoConnect feature, users can easily connect two amplifiers for a double power stereo setup. This innovative system can also function as a headphone amplifier. The top panel of the aluminum enclosure is made of Corian acrylic artificial stone, available in Limestone White or Rock Black. The project has already secured over a third of the $10,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, but there is still time to support and help complete the project.


The Dense Home Smart Audio amplifier is priced at $400 on Kickstarter, with the regular price anticipated to be twice as much.

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